Review: The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

Last month I placed in the SinfulSunday competition and won a small package of goodies from Molly and That Position. One of which was the book, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure by Charlie Glickman PhD and Aislinn Emirzian.

My wife and I have played with anal play on and off for almost a decade and reasonably regularly for the last couple of years, so I was quite excited to receive the book: different perspectives and different viewpoints on anything make me challenge or reaffirm my opinions, and there was plenty to get my teeth into.

It’s over 350 pages, although over 20 pages are given over to citations and indexes, and another ten to the forward. That still leaves over 320 pages – it is The Ultimate Guide after all! It’s a reasonably large font, certainly larger than most books I have, and there are diagrams, but there is still plenty of text to read.

It does cover every conceivable subject of male anal play, from hygiene and penetration to pegging and prostate health, and covers it in detail. I think some of the text could be more succinct to make it more readable, and I think the chapter asking “does it make me less of a man?” should be covered earlier on in the FAQ, but these are fairly minor quibbles.

On the whole the book reads well, approaches subjects in a readable way, and is informative and candid. It feels as though you have a prostate sex expert in the room with you as you read it, ready to answer any question you may have and reassure you that your desire to experiment is fine!

The main “issue” I have with the book is the illustrations! The one above, is pretty good, but some of them are cringing! If my partner had that evil, malevolent smile on their face, I would not expect them to doing things for my pleasure, but instead expect them to have been schooled by the Marquis de Sade! They look like evil clowns and it scared me!

So, in conclusion, it was a good read. Some things I knew; some things, especially around prostate health I learned. But it did inspire me a couple of times that week to seek some backdoor fun and stoked a real desire to try other aspects of anal play, and while not arousing (it’s not erotica), it was exceedingly stimulating!

Product Name The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure
ISBN: 9781573449045 
Price £12.99
Summary Great book on the subject, that could benefit from redrawn illustrations.
Rating 4 out of 5
Legal This review is not endorsed by or written for anyone; all images used under a fair-use doctrine

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