Review: Strict Leather Ride Me Mouth Gag


Recently, the lovely people at Uberkinky provided me with a Strict Leather Ride Me Mouth Gag to play with and review. Indeed, out of all the toys I have reviewed in the past year, it was this one that I was most excited to play with: I enjoy my breathable gag we bought many moons ago and this is the next step in our play.

Rev_UK_Penis_03The mouth gag has an insertable length of approximately 2.5 inches, while the dildo is just under double that. The toy is constructed from PVC, leather and metal and the straps fasten to a maximum circumference of approximately 21½ inches.

The dildos feel firm in the hand, slightly pliable and flexible but with a degree of rigidity. They are textured too, and while my erections are harder than the material of the main dildo, it does well to mimic a degree of realism in size, malleability and texture to a man’s penis.

Uberkinky have a range of strap ons, bondage gags, as well as a guide to the reasons why you should try bondage gags.

There was a feeling of total submission and pangs of humiliation as the penis gag was fastened around my neck; it fit snuggly, with the 2½ inch dildo sitting in my mouth and stayed where my wife had positioned it. I couldn’t remove it with my teeth or tongue no matter how hard I tried.

Rev_UK_Penis_02The penis gag was not large enough to trouble the back of my throat, but it was a sizeable protrusion into my mouth, and I had little option but to close my lips around it. My wife enjoyed the dildo part of the toy, getting pleasure from me as my genitals were left redundant; it was psychologically powerful.

I think the toy looks fantastic; the rivets give it class and add a sense of uncompromising dominance to the play. I wasn’t able to speak during the session and had no option but to fellate a fake cock in my mouth while my wife was pleasured. It was comfortable throughout our play, and I wore it for almost half-an-hour.

So in conclusion, I think the Strict Leather Ride Me Mouth Gag looks good, it felt good and it added a new game into our BDSM bedroom play.

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  1. Your mouth dildo looked comfortable for you and her dildo looked very comfortable for Her! WIN/WIN! What positions would you both be in for a long BDSM session! Great Article and it’s extremely sexual!

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