Review: Rocks-Off Naughty Boy


I won the Rocks-Off Naughty Boy from PlayKinky a few months ago, and have intended to write a review ever since. The Rocks-Off range looks awesome, and this was my first foray into their wares: a royal blue prostate massager.

Rev_RocksOffNaughtyBoy_02The Rocks-Off Naughty Boy is designed to excite both the prostate from inside the rectum, and also the perineum. It is therefore U-Shaped so that both erogenous zones are stimulated when the toy is inserted, with the vibrations from the bullet vibrator.

Which brings me nicely to the first problem: the device does not stay in. One of the best uses for my prostate toys is during sex: few things can intensify an orgasm more than pressure on the prostate, but it is extremely hard work to keep the toy in place without holding it in. It doesn’t stay in place effortlessly, like an Aneros. This is a disappointment, and a bit of a design flaw. The bulb needs to be wider to stay in during the “action.”

Rev_RocksOffNaughtyBoy_03While the toy is made from hypo-allergenic material, this same material is excellent at cushioning some of the vibrations: I felt them against my perineum very strongly, but less so against my prostate. A stronger bullet vibrator would be a big improvement. The vibrator in the toy uses LR1 batteries; these are not as common as AA/AAA sizes, so it would be worth ordering a few in, if you don’t already have a stock!

But, these faults aside, it’s not to say the toy is without it’s merits; as a solo toy the Rocks-Off Naughty Boy is excellent, delivering vibrating pressure onto the prostate, while simultaneously stimulating the perineum. It is easy to insert, feels great and has an excellent build quality to it.

Rev_RocksOffNaughtyBoy_04There is a lot of the toy in contact with the prostate when it is “fully in,” and the seven speeds and patterns are fantastic, each offering different intensities and sensations. I have my favoured settings, from a teasing tickle to deep rumblings.

And while this toy is far from perfect, I am fond of it. There are little changes that would improve it greatly. But despite it’s faults, is still great fun and would make a great addition to any man’s sex toy drawer. It draws awesome prostate orgasms and has left me panting, breathless and satisfied time after time.

At under £50, the Naughty Boy represents excellent value. If I hadn’t have won one, I would have no qualms about purchasing it from my own hard-earned cash.

And I can’t give a stronger recommendation than that! 😉

The Rocks-Off Naughty Boy comes from PlayKinky.

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