Review: Oxballs Powerballs

I must confess I have always had a slight amount of indifference towards cock rings: I’ve never experienced an overwhelming increase in sensation or orgasmic intensity with them and do not require their use for medicinal purposes. That said, I do use them occasionally, and as such I was keen to try Oxballs Powerballs when Uberkinky offered as it looked a little different.

Rev_UK_OxPow_03 The Oxballs Powerballs comes in seven colours and is made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber); this makes the cock ring ridiculously stretchy (see photo!) and is incredibly easy to put on and sit behind the scrotum. The two balls on the ring can sit on top of the man’s cock or underneath with two very different sensations.

Of course, because it’s Uberkinky, there’s a beginners guide to cock rings on their website which is well worth a read.

For me, in it’s “upright” position, with the balls on the top of my cock, the Oxballs Powerballs wasn’t much different to any other cock ring that I’ve tried, tightly pushing my balls forward during sex and restricting blood flow; it felt comfortable and nice, but nothing special.

Rev_UK_OxPow_02However, the cock ring can also be worn so that the balls are on the bottom, pressing against the perineum and providing extra pressure during playtime. For me, this is where the Powerballs stood out: it’s a great variation and it felt pretty awesome, although the tightness around my cock was a tad diminished in this position.

I’ve used it a few times (for testing purposes obviously) and it’s durable. It’s showing little signs of wear and with the dual use, it is versatile too. For under a tenner, I think it represents excellent value. It’s not going to last a lifetime, but will give plenty of pleasure, and even for those men like me who don’t use cock rings regularly, it must come surely come recommended.

This is the “ice blue” colour.

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