Review: Named and Shamed

I was introduced to Named and Shamed at the Aural Sex evening at Eroticon. Janine Ashbless read a scene of troll sex from her novel, published in 2012, and it sounded like a nice mix of uncomplicated well-written prose and ridiculously hot erotica. I had to buy it.

The story is an erotic fantasy: a young lady, Tansy, is cursed and plunged into a lustful world of witches, trolls, hobs and dozens of magical beasts as she embarks on a wonderfully erotic, humiliating quest to free her from her curse.

Personally, I tend to avoid modern published erotica: I am particularly penchant to Victorian prose as it is more descriptive and adjective-laden than today’s fare and I just prefer the language, and sometimes the naivety, found in smut from a bygone age. However, if Named and Shamed was indicative of all modern erotic novels, then I would have nothing to object to!

The language is superb; it is tightly written and the story is very hot. There are so many sex scenes, but there is a real, and fantastic story alongside this. I found it hard to put the book down once I started reading and the book is wonderfully illustrated by John LaChatte.

I found it easy to empathise with the lead character, Tansy, and just adored her personality; she is no bland slut, merely providing a vessel for sex, but a person with a rich, colourful personality. I loved her and bought into her quest, and enjoyed every lustful experience she embraced with wild abandon.

The story flowed well: there was never any part where the pacing was too quick or too slow, but the story moved with a good pace and seized my attention throughout. It is a decent-sized book, and do you do get plenty of banging for your buck. It also, to me, read as a very original storyline; it was certainly unlike any piece of erotica I had read before. I would note that the cover does not lend itself to discreet reading in public and I did get at least one “interesting” looks when reading it outside the house, but I would advocate that it is a failure of society. :)

So in conclusion, it’s a great storyline, well written with scorching hot sex scenes and brilliantly illustrations; it comes highly recommended and is certainly better than the bland rubbish published recently.

One day I want to be able to write a book as good, as erotic and as engrossing, as Named and Shamed. But until that time, I will just have to make do with reading Janine’s work. Which, on reflection, doesn’t sound all that bad!

Product Name Named and Shamed
Price £7.58 from Amazon UK.
Summary Wonderful story; well told with hot sex scenes
Rating 5 out of 5
Legal This review is not endorsed by or written for anyone; the book was bought by myself. All images are used under a fair-use doctrine.

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  1. John, I had such fun reading the Troll Scene at Eroticon and I’m delighted it inspired you to read “Named and Shamed”. Thank you for the lovely review!

  2. Thanks John! We’re so proud of Janine and John (LaChatte), and we’re so proud of Named and Shamed. I’m overjoyed that you enjoyed the book, and thank you for such a beautiful review!

  3. I heard an excerpt, read by Janine at Smut By The Sea – I have such a stack of books to read, but that one will be on the pile at some point!
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