Review: Monkey Spanker Vibro

I am a lucky man; I know this. On my Twitter timeline there are a vast number of experts about all manner of subjects and when they talk, only a moron wouldn’t listen: Cara Sutra, Molly, Incendiaire and Dirty Little Whispers, to name just a few. So when I got recommended the Monkey Spanker from the dirty-minded Miss Whispers my interest was piqued, and I ordered one in my lunch break at work; I was having a bad day!

The key part of the toy is the hole in the “gel pad” embedded into a loop, which you slide over your manhood and then stroke. The pad is designed to mould itself to your cock and bring the lucky man to powerful, wonderful orgasms.

The model I purchased was the Vibro, as it contains a small vibrator, but also available is the “Cheeky Monkey” (plain masturbator without a vibrator), “Double Trouble” (two masturbating “pads” in one unit) and the “Duo” (masturbator and a clitoral stimulator); visit their site here to see the full range.

My pack contained the masturbator, a vibrating unit (which slots into the handle of the masturbator), six tiny batteries and a small pack of lubricant. The vibrator uses two of the six tiny batteries and the spare ones are in our “sex toy drawer” but I would give it 50/50 whether I am able to ever find them when I need them!

The toy does require a generous amount of lubricant and I would certainly recommend a good-quality lube: the manufacturers advocates Liquid Silk and Dirty Little Whispers favours Give Lube; I used the latter on her recommendation. Although properly lubricated, I still did need to reapply once mid-play to prevent the toy from pulling on my foreskin and it becoming uncomfortable.

The minor interruption was immaterial as when I came, it left my body tingling for some time afterwards. I don’t get that with masturbation; mind-blowing, tingly climaxes are normally the preserve of massive amounts of foreplay and/or prostate play, not a quick wank on the bed. The vibrations added a gentle hum to proceedings throughout and while pleasant, they are a little high pitched, not that strong, and the gel pad does seem to dampen them a little bit.

The point on the lubrication is important, as the first time I played with the masturbator I used the Durex Intimate lube we had open, but despite the initial bout of lubrication, I had to stop three times to reapply it, as the toy does work like window wipers! It was frustrating. That said, I still came with some intensity!

It is therefore a great toy: discreet, inexpensive and does deliver fantastic orgasms. However, there are a couple of design modifications I would love to see. I think the hole should be slightly bigger. I am not “big” but it was too tight for me without a decent amount of lubricant, although I am hoping it will stretch with use. I would also make the vibrations stronger; I used it briefly with the wife’s Palm Power Massager and I could really feel the vibrations up and down my shaft (although that did make my fingers numb after a minute!)

However, the real improvement for me, would be if they could offer a version that could self-lubricate as then it would be absolutely perfect!

So, in conclusion: it is a fantastic premise, and it is already one of my favourite toys in our collection. But it isn’t perfect, and I hope that it improves in Vibro 2. But that’s not to say Vibro 1 can’t come recommended! With decent lubricant, of course!

Product Name Monkey Spanker Vibro
Price £17.99 from Lovehoney.
Summary Original and excellent male toy that gives incredible orgasms
Rating 4 out of 5
Legal This review is not endorsed by or written for anyone; the toy was bought by myself. The pictures were supplied by Monkey Spanker.

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