Review: Miranda’s Tempest

Recently, I decided to purchase a novella or short story from each of the erotica authors I interact with on Twitter; it occurred to me that I had read very little from them and it seemed like I probably should know what their work looks like. But, I couldn’t leave it there, and had to submit a short review for each tale which I will be posting over the coming days.

Yesterday I read Alison Tyler’s Banging Rebecca and today I’ve read Miranda’s Tempest by Tilly Hunter.

Tilly Hunter has contributed to a number of books, but I chose Miranda’s Tempest as it was subtitled “BDSM Erotica” and it piqued my perverted interest. The book is a compilation of three short stories that are reworked classic tales to give them an erotic overhaul complete with a kinky streak, and is approximately 14,000 words long.

The first story is inspired by one of Shakespeare’s last plays – The Tempest – which tells of the rightful Duke of Milan using illusion to conjure a storm, to restore his daughter, Miranda, to her rightful place. Tilly Hunter’s version is a hot tale of sex with a little submission, and flows well. The text is easy to read and the short tale flows with pace and energy. The sex scenes are well written, but I wanted a little more from the BDSM elements; it teased with kinky whispers, but didn’t quite deliver on that front. But a good read, nevertheless.

The second tale is a take on Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel, with the witch enticing the two lovers (not brother and sister) to her house to use them for her own sexual ends. I found this story to be the weakest of the three as the “twist” in the tale was somewhat expected. It didn’t surprise. Too much of the story was anticipation and I found it lacking the zest and energy of Miranda’s Tempest. A bit of a disappointment.

The third story is a retelling of Homer’s Odyssey: the original poem told of the ten year struggle for Odysseus to return home from war, and his wife’s attempts to resist unruly suitors in his absence. The story lends itself perfectly to an erotic tale, and Tilly Hunter has, in my opinion, saved her best story until last. The text ebbs and flows effortlessly, drawing in a fantastic little story that moves at pace, with a great sex scene of female domination. It left me wanting more, which is no bad thing.

Miranda’s Tempest is a decent read, but I wished the stories had been a bit longer.

Image from Amazon, where the book was purchased from. 

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