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I was given the JimmyJane Afterglow Natural Massage Oil candle while at the ETO Show to review, and after sitting alluringly on our bedside table for over a fortnight, we succumbed to its temptations after my wife had a stressful day and needed a massage.

JimmyJaneMassage01The massage oil candle is around 2½ inches cubed, and comes in a white porcelain container with a pouring spout. It looks classy and blends in with the other candles in our living room; we could keep it on a mantelpiece and it wouldn’t stand out.

The candle melts into a “luxurious massage oil” although the booklet does advise leaving the candle for around 30 minutes to melt to the container’s edge before pouring, which we did. The scent I was given was “Bourbon” but the smell of the candle is not really synonymous the American variant of my favourite tipple. My wife guessed it was a spiced sandalwood, and that is the best description we could come up with. It’s a nice aroma nevertheless, and has the added bonus of not making the room smell like a distillery, or my wife like an alcoholic.

JimmyJaneMassage02The candle is also available in Cucumber Water, Dark Vanilla and Pink Lotus scents, while there is also a “Special Edition” scent of Lychee Lapsang.

The candle melted to a warm, but not a hot temperature, and the tepid oil drizzled nicely onto the back of my massage subject; it allowed my hands to glide effortlessly as part of the massage and left the skin silky, smooth and radiant.

JimmyJaneMassage03In fact, I would surmise that the oil feels almost identical to the massage oils we normally use, and my hands slid over my wife’s body no matter how much pressure I used. However, I will admit that I was a little extravagant with my use of the massage oil using more than was, perhaps, strictly necessary. If you are a person who by nature over-indulges then I’m sure you won’t get the stated 32 hours of burn time from the candle. But if like me you find turning your partner into a slippery woman too much fun to turn down, then you probably won’t mind!


The booklet states that the oil will remain slippery until it is absorbed into the skin, and after a considerable massage, my hands were still gliding freely over her skin. After extinguishing the flame, it takes around an hour for the unused oil to resolidify, ready for use another time.

JimmyJane claim their Afterglow candles are free of paraffin, dye, phthalates, parabens and sulphates, although the ingredient list is omitted from the booklet in my language (it’s printed for French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Italian speakers just not English.) From the use of Google Translate, I couldn’t disagree with the assertion that it doesn’t contain any nasties, but it would have been nice to see the list in English too!

So, in conclusion, we enjoyed playing with the candle. We still have much of it left, and the candle provided an incredible amount of lubrication for our use. Looking at the container, we still have several more massages to look forward to, and at around £20 per candle it represents good value.

Indeed, I have a family wedding soon and the bride might just find one amongst her wedding gifts!

JimmyJane Afterglow massage oil candles are available from Lovehoney, Amazon UK, Labelle and Coco de Mer, amongst others. 

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