Review: Electrastim Silicone Noir Aura


One of toys that makes a regular appearance in our bedroom play is the Electrastim EM60 Flick electro-stimulation (or e-stim) set. I reviewed it last year and concluded that the multi-pack is fantastic fun and incredible value for money; included in the kit was the device, connecting cable, a bi-polar dildo, two uni-polar cock rings, four electro-pads, lubricant, electro-conductive gel, charging cable and storage pouch. A ready made starter-kit that came with everything, and it was hard to write anything other purple prose about the set apart from the “stubby” dildo; it simply didn’t have the flare to be used anally and I wasn’t comfortable using it.

Rev_Electra_Noir_01I wasn’t the only person who said this and Electrastim have replaced their stubby dildo with the Silicone Noir Aura; the EM60 multipack kits now have this toy instead of the Stubby and it is also available as a separate product for around £39.

Unlike it’s predecessor, the Silicone Noir Aura is also completely smooth and has no grooves or places to trap unwanted matter. Although quite firm, the Aura does possess a degree of flexibility especially at the tip and the base. It is also slightly longer than the Stubby with 3in of insertable dildo and a circumference of 3.3in. There are two 2mm pin connectors on the base and the product is made from 100% platinum-cured medical-grade silicone which is free of phtalates.

Rev_Electra_Noir_02Crucially, however, the big change for me is in the flare: it feels secure when using it. The Stubby simply never felt that it wasn’t going to disappear inside during playtime, but I know the Aura was going to stay where I put it. I could relax and enjoy the ride.

The bi-polar nature of the toy gives some flexibility as to it’s use. After hooking the toy up to the Electrastim Flick, I could combine it with other 2mm compatible electro-sex toys, like the cock loops included in the original multi-pack and use just one of the Aura’s probes. Alternatively, I could connect both the red or black cables to the Aura.

Both felt fantastic, and when using the Aura, I felt full; the electrical sensations vibrated the senses and drove a deep tingling into the skin. My prostate certainly enjoyed the toy, and unlike the Stubby I can honestly say that the Aura will be used again and again. It’s a big improvement over the Stubby and definitely addresses the shortcomings with the original bi-polar dildo.

Rev_Electra_Noir_03If you enjoy anal stimulation, then I don’t hesitate to recommend the Silicone Noir Aura with the ElectraStim Flick. It’s an impressive piece of kit that will induce incredible sensations and coax deliciously satisfying orgasms.

The Silicone Noir range also includes a G-Spot dildo, a G-Spot probe and a prostate massager.

Rev_Electra_Noir_04Obviously, the toy is not be used while submerged into water, or if you have heart problems and/or are pregnant.

The Silicone Noir Aura is available from Electrastim

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