Review: ElectraStim Flick EM60 Multi-Pack

ElectraStim also sell a range of E-stim devices to cater for differing requirements, and a myriad of accessories to augment your electrostimulation collection. The multi-pack kit that I purchased is ideal for the beginner and included the controller, four self-adhesive pads, a pair of rubber loops, a vaginal/anal probe, the connecting cable, USB charging cable, a small pack of lubricant, conductive gel, storage pouch, instructions and an extended warranty; it’s quite a lot and was a little daunting at first as I unpacked the box with excited glee.

The controller is charged with a mini-USB cable, which although is useful as every household is likely to have a myriad of USB compatible charging locations, most electronics have standardised on the slightly smaller micro-USB connector; it’s a minor annoyance that the company use mini-USB over micro-USB.

The unit has 24 intensity levels and two buttons to increase or decrease the power supplied from the controller, as well seven different patterns selectable from a mode button. I found that alongside the continuous output there was a couple of settings I enjoyed more than the others, but they all had their merits. There is also a “flick” mode, where the device output is triggered by a “flicking” motion of the handset. My wife and I found this to be a little inconsistent and there was greater enjoyment for us in just giving her the unit and me ceding control.

To use the device, the connecting cable plugs into the top of the unit that then offers two 2mm wide connectors to attach ElectraStim probes or accessories to; I found the length of the cable to be a little short and would have preferred a slightly longer cable when I passed the device to my wife. The two loops are made from highly conductive rubber and when being used, I had to plug a connector into each one so my anatomy formed part of the circuit.

This, I think, is where the kit excels; the three different types of connection (rubber loops, probe and pads) provided allow for a myriad of possibilities and as long as where the circuit touches the body is kept below the waist, and the circuit is completed then there will be stimulation. For example, one connector could be connected to the vaginal/anal probe inside the person and the other attached to a pad attached to their pubis and the circuit would be completed. The manual also claims the unit can be used so the two probes are on different partners although I did not try this and cannot comment on that application.

I found the two rubber loops to be exceptional, although there is a requirement for extensive lubrication (and re-applying the lubricant if it dries out) to prevent the connecting area from getting uncomfortable during the play; silicone-based lubricant is not recommended as it acts as an insulator! Furthermore there is a natural desire to adjust the loops with your fingers during the session but this causes a shock to your hand and it also bridges a circuit across your chest, which is highly ill-advised.

The feeling of the electricity passing through me is like vibrations underneath the skin and leads to increased arousal very quickly with lots of pre-cum. My personal experience is to start at the lower intensities and build up to the higher levels slowly. The orgasm, which takes between 30-45 minutes, is quite intense, although the semen seemed to leak out rather than squirt majestically as other strong orgasms have a tendency to do!

I found the areas of my genitals which had been treated to electrostimulation tingled and buzzed for awhile after I finished with the kit and there was a degree of numbness after play that I rarely get with any other toy.

Update July 2014: Electrastim have replaced the Stubby with the Silicone Noir Aura in the EM60 kits. The new bi-polar dildo addresses the shortcomings listed below. 

While I found the rubber loops to be fantastic, the same could not be said for the bipolar “Anal and Vaginal Tapered Probe.” It gave a nice feeling of intense vibrations against my prostate which felt lovely but I just couldn’t relax to enjoy it as the probe did not look anally safe to me; the flare at the base of the probe is not wide enough, in my opinion, to be certain of remaining outside my anal cavity! I have seen some of the anal accessories on the ElectraStim website, and they are much more suited for anal play than the provided probe. To highlight the lack of flare on the base, I have photographed the provided probe with some other off-the-shelf anal toys below; I think the probe would be fine vaginally but just not anally:

Of course people who have had heart problems, epilepsy, are pregnant, have any genital or anal disorders or have had strokes should avoid using electrostimulation, for safety reasons.

So in conclusion, it’s a great addition to our collection and while it won’t be used every week, I know it will give a completely different set of sensations when I, or we, do bring it out. I think the kit is good value, although I would be extremely wary of using the bipolar probe anally.

I also think that on a mid-level setting combined with Isabella Valentine’s Jackpot, it would be pretty amazing!

Product Name ElectraStim Flick EM60 Multi-Pack
Price Around £150 from Bondara
Summary Great starter kit for electro-play which leads to great orgasms
Rating 4 out of 5
Legal This review is not endorsed by or written for anyone; the toy was bought by myself. 

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