Review: Doxy Massager

Rev_Doxy_01I must confess that I’ve never owned a Hitachi Magic Wand: the heavy-duty sports massager that reached legendary status for being used in the bedroom as much as the physio room. The North American only product has never been available in Europe and I’ve not risked any of the substandard and dangerous imitations that flooded the market on the back of its reputation.

Rev_Doxy_04 The Doxy Massager is the British answer to the Magic Wand: it’s designed, engineered and assembled in Cornwall. The head is made from aluminium and is cast on their own site. Just holding the massager, it is clear this is a quality product, the sort of which that was once the cornerstone of British manufacturing.

The wand is mains-powered, and that gives it considerably more power than battery operated toys, but comes with some limitations: bath play is out, carnal fun during powercuts* will be Doxy-less and you will need sockets close to your bed, or wherever you play. I should note that the cable is extremely long – over 2.5m in length. However, the upside is that the Doxy will speed up to 9,000rpm – 50% higher than the Magic Wand, and you will never run out of batteries mid-play.

I love the Doxy. I find the heaviness and stoutness of the product leads to deep vibrations that penetrate and excite far more than just where the skin touches the toy. It can bring me to orgasm quicker than any toy I have with the relentless vibrations and can imagine it being quite addictive: it’s unbelievably quick, easy and effective way to provide sexual relief!

Rev_Doxy_02 On the other hand my wife is not a massive fan: she finds the vibrations too deep and the head two big and unwieldy to direct the vibrations exactly where she wants them. She also joked that she felt like a Borrower when using it, and prefers her smaller, mains-powered PalmPower.

Certainly, the Doxy is the heaviest of all our sex toys, weighing over 500g without the power supply unit, and probably the biggest. The other mains-powered toy that we have – the PalmPower – has a design flaw, in that you can increase the intensity of the vibrations but not decrease them. If, as you play with the toy, you inadvertently go “too high” you cannot come down without turning the device off and cycling back through the levels,which is very frustrating when playing. The Doxy has this covered – there is a plus AND a minus button. Along with the “pulse” function on the toy, the two buttons make a nice improvements over the PalmPower.

Rev_Doxy_03The Doxy head covering is made from hypoallergenic medical grade material that is soft to the touch, and the head does fit Magic Wand attachments. It comes in three colours – white, black and pink. The only word of caution I would mention, is the noise. It’s not a silent toy at all, and I can imagine in places where the walls are very thin – like student accommodation – it will be heard by those outside the room.

But that’s a small price to pay. Whichever way you look at it, this is a fantastic toy: it is excellent at coaxing intense orgasms, and comes completely recommended. It is also pretty good at being a sports massager: ideal for those groin strains, eh?!

The Doxy Massager is available from all good retailers, such as Lovehoney for around £90

*=it is a well document statistic phenomenon that frequent power cuts and blackouts lead to baby booms; I can only presume when the television is turned off, people head for the bedroom as there’s nothing else to do!  

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