Review: Deliberate Display

Recently, I decided to purchase a novella or short story from each of the erotica authors I interact with on Twitter; it occurred to me that I had read very little from them and it seemed like I probably should know what their work looks like. But, I couldn’t leave it there, and had to submit a short review for each tale which I will be posting over the coming days.

On Monday I read Alison Tyler’s Banging Rebecca, Tuesday was Miranda’s Tempest by Tilly Hunter and yesterday was five erotic festive stories featuring Victoria Blisse called A Seasonal Victorian Spanking. Today I have another compilation featuring Lucy Felthouse called Deliberate Display.

Deliberate Display is a collection of five short erotic stories, published by Xcite Books, edited by Gwennan Thomas, and containing stories exploring voyeuristic and exhibitionist themes. While the final story – Private Performance by Lucy Felthouse – was my main reason for buying it, I read all five and they were a set of delightful, hot tales.

The first story – Deliberate Display by Abigail Thornton – was a slightly implausible story that was balanced with an incredibly hot scene of threesome sex, with a slight twinge of BDSM. I found the characters slightly difficult to relate to, and the plot was predictable, but it was an arousing story, so it did deliver. I especially enjoyed the second story – The Convent Girls’ Tale by Marlene Yong. I like in my writing to throw in unseen twists, often at the end, that changes the direction of the tale and while I don’t always manage it, when it works it works well. Marlene Yong has made it work well! The prose is elegant and dynamic, the story arousing yet believable but the last few paragraphs were a wonderful footnote to a great few pages.

I struggled with Going Native by John McKeown: it introduced some sci-fi concepts that I don’t appreciate, and the writing was too interested in telling a futuristic tale than delivering some steamy smut, or sinfully sexual storyline. It was a disappointment, but the penultimate tale – Laundry Day by Sommer Marsden – more than made up for it. A simple premise about voyeuristic sex that didn’t change planets or galaxies, but just delivered a plausible storyline with delightful prose that was quick, punchy and so arousing.

So the final story had some marker to live up to, and it did. Private Performance told of an adoring female fan of a boy-band who was enticed backstage; the text and wordsmithery is excellent, flowing with such pace and constructing a simple, arousing storyline that is easy to believe and even easier to devour. Slightly cheesy ending maybe, but a lovely treat, and finished a decent book fantastically.

Despite a couple of reservations, this is a good read with some hot stories!

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