Review: BMS Factory Palm Power

I was recommended the BMS Factory Palm Power many months ago and it is billed as the “personal massager” with “super-charged vibrations” that have “phenomenal intensity.” Which such bold claims, my wife and I had to try it out, and we bought the device for around £60 with one “massager head” although four further attachments are available, packaged in pairs and entitled PalmSensual and PalmBody.

The Palm Power is approximately 20cm long, a few centimetres wide at it’s widest point and the manufacturers claim it to be phthalate and latex free. It is made of thermoplastic and soft-to-the-touch silicone with a solitary button for control and a red LED light. The lead is approximately two metres long and the device was supplied with adapters that were compatible with non-UK power sources.The Palm Power looks smart in the grey and violent pink, but also a little unspectacular, almost like a new-age microphone. It felt lighter than most of our toys so I got the scales out and the Palm Power in my hand is half the weight of our standard Rampant Rabbit when I put the batteries in; 144g vs 297g.

The toy is mains-powered which has advantages and disadvantages; the incredible intensity of the vibrations would probably not be possible using standard AA/AAA batteries, and there is no delay in waiting for the batteries to charge. However, use in water (such as a bath) is ill-advised, it is a bit noisier than most toys and play has to be within a couple of metres of a power source.

The vibrations are incredibly powerful, and the toy does bring my wife and I to orgasm with ease; the feelings are deep and intense and while I am happy to play with the higher settings, my wife finds them way too strong and uses the lower intensity settings, and even then finds that it can leave her hypersensitive after orgasm. For me, when placed on the frenulum, it was too powerful, but everywhere else it’s just heavenly and I found that it was an excellent way to get the Monkey Spanker to work, given that its own vibrations are so pitifully weak.

We found that on a low setting, it provided excellent stimulation to both of us when engaging in Doggy Style intercourse; we positioned the toy on my wife’s clitoris and as the penetrating partner I could feel the vibrations through my wife. The additional intense stimulation brought us both to incredible climaxes.

However, I do have a slight gripe with the device and I think it is a bit of a design flaw. There are seven levels of intensity and the initial setting is akin to a mid-level battery-powered vibrator; the “top setting” is incredibly intense and powerful and unlike anything else we have, which makes each “step” or “increase” a significant jump in the strength of the vibrations. Finding one level very satisfying could mean the next level is way too uncomfortable and too intense, and there is only one button on the device meaning that when we went up one level too many, we had to cycle through all the settings to get back to where we wanted, or turn off the device and start again. Two buttons would be a definite improvement.

I have had a couple of people independently infer to me that they found themselves becoming a “Palm Power addict” and had to “detox” themselves by going “cold turkey;” while we haven’t found anything as serious as becoming slaves to the intense vibrations, I can easily believe it; it is our favourite vibrating toy and it does deliver powerful orgasms quickly.

So in conclusion, it’s a mind-blowingly powerful mains-powered personal massager that will take your breath away, and at around £60 is fantastic value for money too. What’s not to love about it?!

Product Name BMS Factory Palm Power
Price Around £60 from SimplyPleasure
Summary Incredibly powerful vibrator with interchangeable heads!
Rating 5 out of 5
Legal This review is not endorsed by or written for anyone; the toy was bought by myself. 

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