Review: Banging Rebecca

Recently, I decided to purchase a novella or short story from each of the erotica authors I interact with on Twitter; it occurred to me that I had read very little from them and it seemed like I probably should know what their work looks like. But, I couldn’t leave it there, and had to submit a short review for each tale which I will be posting over the coming days.

Today, I’m looking at Alison Tyler’s Banging Rebecca.

Banging Rebecca is the short story of a female groupie who meets up with the drummer of an art house band (Sean) and has a handful of hot sexual encounters. I do enjoy well-written erotica, and the prose is fantastic: short and punchy to move the scenes and story along quickly, but still squeezes in plenty of hot detail and plenty of action; it’s a fine line to get right and one that I know I, and many amateur authors, don’t always manage.

There is a great pace about the story, and a fantastic storyline. I find the erotic coupling of a “boy meets girl” a little repetitive and always enjoy an unexpected twist or a smattering of kink; something to break the monotony of expected, safe heterosexual intercourse. Despite being a short book, Banging Rebecca delivers that in abundance.

The writing is nothing short of scorchingly hot, that is amazingly well constructed and a delight to read. Alison Tyler captured my interest throughout, and left me desperate for more; just what did happen to the characters and can we have a sequel?!

I bought this book as a physical copy and one thing I noted was the huge margins between the edge of the page and the text; it just looked a little weird. That is, however, a minor gripe, and the story must surely be a textbook example of how to deliver a blisteringly hot tale tightly and concisely.

Banging Rebecca certainly comes recommended!

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