Review: A Victorian Seasonal Spanking (Santa’s Hot Secrets)

Recently, I decided to purchase a novella or short story from each of the erotica authors I interact with on Twitter; it occurred to me that I had read very little from them and it seemed like I probably should know what their work looks like. But, I couldn’t leave it there, and had to submit a short review for each tale which I will be posting over the coming days.

On Monday I read Alison Tyler’s Banging Rebecca and yesterday I read Miranda’s Tempest by Tilly Hunter. Today I have a compilation of five erotic festive stories featuring Victoria Blisse among others called A Seasonal Victorian Spanking.

A Seasonal Victorian Spanking (Santa’s Hot Secrets) is edited by Atonia Adams, and published by Xcite Books, and was bought for £1.29 from Amazon for my Kindle. It includes five short stories by five different authors which vary in tone and plot, exploring different themes, but are all based around the central essence of Christmas.

I was drawn to the compilation as it seemed to hint towards some playful BDSM and the first story, by Victoria Blisse, certainly has that in droves. The plot is simple but effective, the prose is quick yet embracing and the sex is wonderfully hot. The author does a great job in entrapping the reader’s attention with the premise as she sets the scene, and then delivers a fantastic tale with zest and passion. An arousing read and certainly left me wanting a sequel.

In many ways the remaining stories were a little bit of a disappointment: there is very little spanking, BDSM or kink in the following stories and I had purchased that eBook on the assumption that the name of the compilation alluded to sexy spankings in a seasonal setting, but as I read the other tales, they gathered my interest and arousal.

Poppy Summers’s Designs on the Boss was a predictable storyline of a lady seducing her boss, but was packed full of intense, scorchingly hot sex. The premise supporting Rosalia Zizzo’s The Twelve Days of Sexmas felt a little far-fetched, but the story was elegantly crafted and the well-written prose painted erotic mental images and lustful visions in my mind, that had me wanting more.

Willing Spirit, Hungry Flesh by Demelza Hart was too fantasy-heavy for me, and while I could appreciate the skill of the arousing words, I found it requiring too much suspension of disbelief to really enjoy it. However, the final submission – A Christmas Confession by Tinker Crowley – was simply excellent, a wonderful blend of humour and lust, presented in an original and magnificent way.

So, even though the eBook didn’t quite meet my expectations on the kink-front, and I do think the title promises without meaning to, it is a fantastic book filled with amazing tales that comes highly recommended.

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