The Rescuer’s Gratitude

I wrote this a few months ago, and never posted it. Let me know what you think. 

A strong hand gripped onto her wrist, pulling the office worker from the water as she flailed in the stream. “Hold onto me,” the male voice yelled, just audible above the deafening roar of the freezing water and the angry bellowing of the vicious storm.

She spluttered as he dragged her upright, holding onto the soaking secretary as the torrential water cascaded mercilessly around them. She coughed and wrapped her arms around his body, holding onto his neoprene waders as she struggled to keep her balance.

Grab hold of the tree,” he ordered, moving slowly across the fast-flowing flood waters to the submerged bank; her ice cold fingers struggled to grip the rough, slippery surface of the bark as her feet slid on the mud underneath her. He grasped her waist and threw her further up the slope, before managing to scramble free of the never-ending deluge sweeping along the burst river.

She fell again, face first into the flooded waters and he pulled her upright as the rain lashed against their sodden bodies. “Over there,” he shouted, barely able to make himself heard above the patter of the rain and the sloshing of the waist-high water.

I just want to go home,” she cried, slipping again and disappearing under the flooded fields. He hauled the young lady to her feet and dragged her across his land in the torrential rain, towards a slippery slope. They found a part-paved road that lead to the farm buildings built on an isolated hillock.

She shivered as the wind swept around her soaking body, and he unlocked a door to the farmhouse when they arrived. “Thank you,” she gushed, tears streaming down her mud strewn face. “Could I just borrow a towel and I’ll …”

You’re going nowhere,” he gruffly responded and gestured to the window on his utility room. “The entire town’s flooded. And your car, it’ll be under a torrent o’ water. You’re lucky you’re still alive and …”

She burst into tears, and wiped her face with her freezing hands as she shivered. “But ..”

“ … Get out of those clothes, you’ll catch your death,” he interrupted.

She looked at the middle-aged man, snapping forcefully at her, as he slid out of his muddy waders and hung them on the wall above a drain in the tiled floor. She hesitated, shivering in her muddy clothes, keen not to get undressed in front of her saviour. “Can I …”

You’re not going anywhere in my house until you’re out of them clothes,” he said, standing in front of her in just a pair of slightly damp shorts. “Have a wee shower and get warm, but you’re not traipsing mud all through my house.”

No,” she squealed. “It’s just … I …” She didn’t quite know how to finish her sentence, and sighed, as her ice-cold fingers pawed at her summer coat. He reached to a shelf, and pulled down a plastic clothes basket, putting it on the floor with a clatter.

Put your clothes in that,” he ordered .”And I’ll wash and dry ’em.” His voice broke as he turned away from the 25 year-old, looking at nature ravaging the country for as far as his eye could see. “It’s a bad one tonight. Lucky I saw your headlights on the old bridge, don’t know what you’re doing down here.”

The main road was closed and I wanted to get home,” she muttered as her muddy jeans joined her coat and her blouse in the basket. She shivered in her underwear in the draughty room.

Ahh yes, it’s closed as the river’s burst its bank. A month’s rain in an hour they said. You shouldn’t have been out anywhere ’round here. Bloody irresponsible and …” He sighed and glanced at the half-naked secretary, shaking in front of him, and pushed open the door into his house. “You take the downstairs shower,” he offered and pointed her towards a small bathroom. “Towels are in the cupboard.”

She thanked him, and watched as the scornful man took the stairs, and she bolted the door shut behind her. Everyone kept telling her not to make unnecessary journeys but her boss was adamant that her turning up for work was not “unnecessary” and refused to allow anyone in the office to leave early when the weather turned violent. Quite just what was she supposed to do when the Police closed the main road into her town?

In hindsight she should have turned back and stayed with her sister, but the country lanes that followed a gentle bubbling stream weren’t closed and they looked fine, until her car crashed into a wall of water at a ford, and she stumbled out of the vehicle to summon help, before being swept off her feet into a swirling vortex of flood water.

That might only have been half-an-hour ago, but the warm water turned black as it ran from her muddy face, hair and body; it felt heavenly against her skin, soaked and chilled to the bone by the ferocity of mother nature. She used a generous amount of mint shower girl and rubbed it over her youthful body, caressing her smooth curves and supple skin.

Anna,” she introduced herself when she emerged from the bathroom, covered in two white beach towels to see him in a navy dressing gown. “Thanks. For everything.” He grunted, barely acknowledging her and passed her a white gown.

Sorry, I ain’t got any women’s clothes.” His eyes narrowed and he pointed towards the basket of her dirty garments. “Want to put that on, you been fed?”

She stepped back from the volley of questions. “No, I’ve not been fed. How can I get home tonight?”

You ain’t going anywhere tonight. And probably not for a few days.” She licked her lips as he opened a cupboard door in his kitchen, in his open-plan farmhouse. “And don’t look at me like that. I got a spare room.”

Is … Can … Will …” She stammered and slipped the white dressing gown over her shoulders, unfurling the white towel underneath. She said little, but put her clothes in the washing machine and dumped her shoes to dry in the same place as his waders, before he called her to the dining table. He passed her a cup of steaming chocolate and a sandwich. “Thank you,” she muttered and took a moment to look at her rescuer.

His chiselled, wind-swept face was was adorned with unkempt black hair and piercing blue eyes. He glared at her. “Are you really angry with me?” He grunted, staring at his beef sandwich that he had smothered in horseradish. “I didn’t know the water would be that deep,” she cried, angrily snapping at him. “I was just trying to get home and …” Tears swelled in her eyes and she wiped her cheeks. “I’m just a secretary.”

He bit his fingernails and glanced up at her. “No, I’m not really angry with you,” he replied slowly. “I nearly got swept away myself, so I risked my life because you didn’t think. No-one does.” He bit into his bread, and then took a sip of his drink. “Now eat up.”

But …

He glared at her, and she bit into the sandwich. “And I’m Liam.” Although she offered to clear up after their meal, he refused her assistance and the disorientated office worker sat on his sofa.

Do you have a telly?” She asked but he shook his head.

Have a radio, have the Internet for work, but no television. Nothing but rubbish on it anyway.” She bit her lip as he offered her an alcoholic drink from his kitchen and gratefully accepted a shot of vodka.

It’s a nice house,” she found herself saying, desperately trying to start a conversation with him. It took a chess set, on the second shelf of the bookcase to soften from his indifferent attitude towards her, and a few drams of Scotland’s finest malt. Her erratic decision-making lost to his thoughtful style of play, but they chatted amicably over the game in front of the roaring fire and over a bottle of strong farmhouse spirit.

Come see nature,” her host offered. “From the top of the house, it’s incredible.” Anna stared into his glazed eyes. “It’s amazing and …”

Yeah OK,” Anna slurred and staggered to her feet, only realising exactly how much she had drunk when she gripped the table, before following the farmer to the very top of the house, and into the converted attic with a big window looking out over the valley.

Rain thundered against the roof of the cool room, as flashes of lightning lit up the country. “Look,” he gestured, and stood behind her staring out over the flood plains and engorged rivers below. “It’s a disaster zone.”

Anna gulped as the weather reflected in the miles of water, stretching all around them, and leaned into Liam. “Are we safe here?”

Very,” he replied, putting his arms around her waist. “Totally safe,” he promised, as thunder roared above them, and Anna pulled at his hands, pushing her body into his and rubbing her hands admirably cross the softness of his dressing gown sleeves.

It looks so … angry!”

It is,” he muttered, smelling her hair, and cuddling the young secretary tightly. “It needs respect.” She gulped, taking a deep breath as she guided his hand inside her dressing gown.

He froze for a moment, as his rough hand touched the top of her thigh, immaculately smooth and unmistakably feminine. She closed her eyes, savouring the same firm grip on her bare skin that saved her life.

Anna slid her hand behind her, pressing against his muscular legs, and pressing lightly against his crotch; he jolted in surprise. “You OK?” She whispered; her hands delved inside the velvety robe and longed to touch his masculinity.

He hummed, his hands circling around her bare sex. He kissed her neck; not a wild, passionate kiss, but a gentle osculation as the weather raged around them, and the lightning broke up their darkness momentarily.

Her pussy tingled; with every gentle touch of his mouth on her sensitive skin, with every soft stroke of his fingers on her naked mons, with every pull on her hips into his control, or every stroke of his thigh by her wandering hands. It felt taboo: he was at least ten years older than her, but she mewed with wild anticipation.

She wanted it; she wanted the aloof hero to punish her foolishness, and then ravish her as a reward. Her mind raced with him plundering her delicate body by fucking her desperate pussy until she begged him to stop. Her body twitched, and tingled. She needed it.

Anna parted her legs instinctively, as Liam’s fingers danced over her sex; she sighed as he pressed against her slit, leaning back into his reassuring embrace. “Go on,” she whispered. “That’s …”

He kissed her neck again as his left hand moved from her waist to her nipple, sliding open her dressing gown. She sighed; her moistening cunt sparked lustfully as his fingers rubbed her bosom, sliding her youthful breasts over his rough fingers.

Her soft nipple slid over his hardened skin, sending ripples of excitement down her exposed body. Her swollen clit tingled as a heated groan escaped from her lips.

It’s a bit cold in here,” he whispered. “Shall we go somewhere warmer?” She gulped, and nodded, barely uttering a word, as she turned in his arms, losing herself in his gaze.

He eased the open dressing gown from her shoulders as they entered his expansive bedroom, pressing down gently on the garment as the secretary flowed out of the fleecy garment and stood bare in front of him.

He eyed her naked body, observing every curve, every imperfection and every detail in the young lady’s beautiful frame. She hesitated as he ogled her; the stocky farmer, sliding his hands along her smooth breasts and away to her sides, as their tongues met and his hand found her moist pussy.

She sighed with relief; guttural groans escaping from her mouth as his fingers delved into her sex.

It felt dirty. She felt dirty. But the patient probing of her wet cunt was desperately desired. She longed to feel the erect cock, pressed against her body as his tongue caressed hers, and their lips rose and fell against each other.

She groaned again, aching for her cunt to be filled, and stretched, and looked into his eyes as their lips parted. Her soul begged, and without saying a word, she sank to her knees, and opened the loosely-tied dressing gown.

She took a moment to admire his veiny cock; not the longest dick she had ever seen, but his uncircumcised manhood had enough girth to fill her aching pussy.

He looked down at her, moving her lips to the moist head, and giving a little sigh as her mouth closed over his cock.

He stroked her hair, staring into her submissive gave as she fellated him with consummate ease. Her pussy tingled: with every stroke of his cock in her mouth, a spark of lustful electricity ignited in her cunt. She groaned, feeling her itching cunt as he enjoyed his passionate blowjob from the stranger.

He muttered, but she heard nothing, watching his face twist with pleasure as her tongue swirled over his head and her mouth sucked on his thick cock. He groaned as he looked into her eyes. He wanted more. She needed it; not since she was a hormonal teenager had she needed sex so badly.

He pulled his cock away from her lips, and hauled her to her feet, before throwing her backwards onto the bed. She squealed as her hips bounced on the soft mattress, but he was already prising her legs apart, and sliding his cock along her wet crack.

Go on!” She whispered, crying as his cock was guided into her well-lubricated hole. She felt stuffed, and he grabbed her ankles and held them higher; causing her to squeal involuntarily with every thrust.

You OK?” He asked needlessly; the writhing woman mewing as he rhythmically rammed his cock into her.

She mewled louder and louder, not stopping as an orgasm ripped into her cunt, and powered through her body, sending her muscles into spasms and her vocal chords into a series of cries and moans.

Liam tensed: Anna’s quivering cunt pressed against his cock, and he jackhammered into the young lady, ramming the intruding member forcefully into her trembling pussy.

She squealed in hedonistic delight; she was being fucked, rammed and stuffed like never before, and as her partner frenzied towards her climax, her cunt fizzed into a plethora of explosions she had never experienced before.

Sure, she had been well fucked before, but Liam was slamming his cock into her with terrifying passion, and her cunt was giving her climax after climax. The alpha male, the hero, taking his reward for his good deed.

Her thighs desperately shuddered; the muscles turning to jelly, as Liam sent several waves of cum into her sodden pussy.

He smiled at the orgasming woman, panting as he savoured the last of glorious sensations and reached down to kiss her on the lips.

Thanks,” she muttered.

For the rescue,” he replied, regaining his balance and staring at the well-fucked woman.

For the sex,” she giggled and reached onto his bedside table for the tissue paper. “It was good. You fuck as good as you rescue!”

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