So I’m back posting again. :-)

Nine months ago I stopped. A conscious decision made after blogging became a chore; my six-or-seven posts a week schedule dropped to one or two and even they became tired and laborious. I got fed up dealing with the politics of blogging and sociopathic machinations of another blogger.

But the moment I stopped blogging, I started writing again. More than ever. One 60,000 word novel published on Amazon and another nearly ready. Writing became a freedom again not a chore.

And then I saw what was happening with ATVOD and Dreams of Spanking. Nasty, vindictive prudes trying to censor where it’s not needed or wanted, I hunted back through my old blog posts and research for studies to support the assertion that pornography has a net positive impact on society. I saw how much work I had done over the years, read some of my unpublished stuff. It got me wondering.

I won’t be posting often; a few posts a month tops. I will need to get off Host4Geeks. My articles may be dominated by issues of censorship and freedom rather than erotica. But I’m here for awhile.

While, I will leave my completely open licensing for the site, I’ll still not going to enable comments.

So here’s to a more-active blog.


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