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In January I accepted Molly’s invitation to join in with her February post-a-photo-a-day challenge, #febphotofest and thought 28 photos would be easy to accomplish, until I realised that I was signing up for a SinfulSunday picture every day of the month!

But to ensure I got something out of it, I set myself a couple of extra rules: one, that at least 75% of my photographs had to be “new” photographs so I wasn’t going to raid my archives all month, and secondly, each day would have a different theme.

To achieve this, Saturday photos would be kink-related, Sunday images would be glass toys, Monday would be a clothing-related snap, Tuesday would be macro photography, Wednesday would be nudity, Thursday would be toys and Friday would be a random, off-beat picture that didn’t fit anywhere else; I wanted to be creative.

I succeeded with those two additional rules: only seven (days 1, 5, 11, 12, 14, 19 and 28) weren’t taken in February, and I did keep (loosely) to my themes. So I can feel a degree of satisfaction.

But, it would not show the rewarding aspect of the whole process. Almost every day I was loading up Photoshop Elements or GIMP. Almost every day I was playing with RAW images in Canon RAW, Raw Therapee, Luminance or Lightroom. Every day I was looking or inspiration or viewing things with photographic possibilities in mind and thinking how to take the best way to capture my thoughts and plans. Every day, I was taking pictures.

I experimented with thirty second exposures, I created some high contrast images, I used burn and dodge more time in the last month than I have over the past twelve and I even tried to create an erotic HDR photograph. I learnt: more about my camera, more about Luminance and LightRoom, and more about photographic angles and lighting.

I also learnt how many pictures you need to take to fill up a 32GB SD Card with RAW images: it’s quite a lot!

It was interesting that on Sinful Sunday Week 150, slap bang in the middle of #febphotofest, that four of the final five pictures came from blogs doing the photo challenge: clearly  I can’t be the only one experiencing a surge of inspiration! 😉

So the point of this rambling post, is just to say that if any blogger who enjoys their photography, has a passing interest in exploring the range of tools open to them, and has the opportunity to do something like this, I’d recommend they go for it. Sure, some of my images I look back on and am not happy with, but some I am quite proud of: the four glass dildo photographs, for example: I really like them and they were the product of hours of work. I think they work well and may use some other ideas I have had in Sinful Sundays.

It’s been a great learning experience and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Here are my 28:

Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four

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  1. Few people really have any idea how much thought and work and time go into creating a post with images, and text that is relevant. And it is not just one but on some days 2 and even 3 posts. It is easy to tell that you, Sir do quality work. Thank-you, Sir, for sharing some of your methods.
    Serafina recently posted…TMI Tuesday: March 4, 2014My Profile

  2. THIS is exactly why I did February Photofest…. When I put the idea out there I really had no expectations of others joining in but was overwhelmed by how many did play along and I hope like you they come away from it having felt a real advancement in their skills

    Molly recently posted…Smart AssesMy Profile

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