Poem: Day-dreaming

I have written about my dreams of S&M loving female pirates but occasionally  my mind wanders at work, like this time … 

Arguing over deadlines:
Today I’ve been in meetings,
But I’ve sat there dreaming,
Of pirates giving beatings.

Young ladies smiling,
Soaked with wicked intent.
Weapons readied and waiting,
To issue painful torment

Lined up on the deck,
Are victims battered and nude,
As the women bawl loudly,
Shouts are crude and lewd.

Dirty figurehead found,
Will mean a hundred spanks,
And if sweet redhead cries,
They’ll make her walk the plank.

Wails and screams echoed,
Around the tiny ship,
When the our old matron,
Was beaten with the whip.

My excitement was quite obvious,
My cock was very erect,
When a buccaneer,
Made her ass bright red.

Our dirty old midshipman,
A sea-farer through and through,
Started oral on the Captain,
Had to do the whole crew.

If you saw the cabin boy,
Underneath the girl,
By the sounds of her screaming,
I’d guess he’d found her pearl.

Our poor two cadets,
Paddled with angry haste,
Two pirates counting up,
Two thousand spank race.

I know I heard them blubber,
I think I saw some bleeding,
Crying and begging for mercy,
The pirates unmoved by pleading.

And then it came to my turn,
A thrashing I would get,
From The lady stood waiting,
Her body covered in sweat.

I was thrusted on the rack,
A savagery I was receive,
For trespassing in their waters,
Made these pirates aggrieved.

Fastened to the rings,
My wrists tied with rope,
I cried and called for mercy,
I didn’t have a hope.

The cane split my rump,
The flogger made me scream,
The paddle was sheer agony,
I was living my dirty dream!

And then she got a strap-on,
Glistening in the sun,
I struggled at my bindings,
For nothing goes up my bum!

She gave an evil cackle,
And pushed the dildo in,
She soon found her rhythm,
Fucked me like a virgin.

But I found myself enjoying,
The sex toy that she used,
To fuck and screw my arse,
That was red and abused.

My cock started to leak,
My fluids on the deck,
The crew clearly saw,
And they began to letch.

But the girl who was doing me,
Her toy she did withdraw,
She untied me with a giggle,
And set us extra chores.

I had some wood to polish,
Some fluid on floor,
My crew had a ship to clean,
Before the vessel saw war.

Five days we’d been as slaves,
Doing work from dawn to dusk,
And angry abuse we’d had,
To satisfy malevolent lust.

But to say we didn’t enjoy it,
Would be telling a lie,
I loved my evil tormentors,
Who made me whimper and cry.

But day dreaming while at work,
It really won’t be fine,
As when the actions were divided,
Some of them became mine.

So dreaming of the beatings,
The pirates and my crew,
But extra work my way,
Left me feeling blue.

I think I need an incentive,
To work through all this shit.
I really need a pirate,
With oodles of spirit!

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