Oh Katie!

This is just a quick story I knocked up in my lunchbreak; sorry for any grammatical errors! It is NO masterpiece but I wanted to write it!

The Police officer was insistent. “Sorry Miss. Step out of the car, and make yourself decent!”

The middle-aged woman was shameless, cum dripped onto her thighs and car seat, as she argued vociferously with the two constables. “This is my car and …”

“Get out of the car, Miss,” the second Police officer barked, and the uniformed lady reached for her handcuffs as she smiled at her male colleague shaking his head. They knew all about Katie. Everyone did.

The afternoon had started so brightly for the professional woman as she drove out of the small market town with her married lover. She slipped her hand on his knee and rubbed his jeans as she navigated the twisting country roads one-handed. “Pull in here,” he demanded as she touched his erect cock through the rough denim. “It’s quiet! We got the time.”

The blonde-haired woman broke sharply and swung the 4×4 into the deserted layby, looking out over the sweeping hayfields of the county. He gulped and Katie looked onto the back seat of their vehicle, invitingly empty. She licked her lips, but said nothing as the two illicit lovers swapped the crowded front of the car for the back seat, and settled onto the inviting black leather.

She pawed frantically at his clothes, undressing him in seconds as car whizzed past their vehicle; it was all part of the thrill to her! Her lover sighed as the middle-aged woman navigated her head into his crotch and licked the top of his moist cock, glistening with pre-cum and sweat on the Summer’s day.

She groaned as he pressed the back of her head, forcing the desperate woman to swallow the length of his shaft; she gagged but reached for her sodden knickers and slipped her fingers inside her cotton panties. How she loved being used!

She wriggled as she massaged her soaking crotch, desperately tending to her needs, and splayed her legs publicly against the window. Her tongue massaged his glans and she sucked on the tip. “I wanna fuck you!” He demanded.

She spluttered as she ruefully disengaged her mouth from his veiny cock and unzipped her dress: her favourite garment for Summer driving as it allowed such rapid undressing! Her lover watched; his glistening cock proudly erect and captivating Katie’s attention; how she needed that inside her!

She licked her lips, and threw her clothes into the front seat and panted; her desperate clit tingled expectantly as she straddled her illicit lover. They kissed, and she guided his wet cock into her, sighing loudly as it slid into her pussy.

He reached for her tits, and played with her nipples as she kissed his neck and his lips. Her clit ground against his pubis, and her body tensed over his firm cock, causing her to squeal profanely. She bucked rhythmically, watching as the cars approached the bend and sped past their vehicle. She panted and rubbed her body against his hairy torso, wrapping her arms around his neck. He looked into her lust-filled eyes and grabbed her hair, pulling it roughly so he could kiss her nape.

She groaned, rocking her body faster and faster against his turgid dick. He mumbled and tensed his buttocks, squeezing his testicles as his body shook. Katie smiled at his face, etched with passionate concentration and felt his dick tense and quiver.

“Miss, open this door,” a voice called as the married man pumped waves of semen into her unprotected body. Katie swore and argued, furious with the interrupting copper.

Eventually, she disembarked from the vehicle and he shook his head at the near naked woman on the public highway. “I’m arresting you for indecent exposure,” PC Tyler Watkins said to the bedraggled Katie with a smile. “Again.” He received the handcuffs from WPC Charmaine Hurst and twirled them in his finger.

“You can’t do that,” she snarled. “Don’t you know who I am? I got High Tea to go to!”

“Unlucky,” he cried as he grabbed her wrist to fasten the cuffs to her body. “You can have a cuppa at the station!” He turned to the married man, anxiously redressing himself. “And you can go; just don’t involved with Katie again!”

“I won’t,” he promised and shot the detained damsel an apologetic look.

This is in no way inspired by Katie Hopkins who, as a contestant on the Apprentice, was generally disliked, but who recently popped up on breakfast television to say that children with the names of “Tyler” and “Charmaine” are not suitable friends for her children, as they are clearly of a lower class. This is the Katie Hopkins who was photographed screwing a man in a field; classy! And just like Katie Price! Perhaps there is something in that name? :)

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