My ass is on fire!

A few days ago, on a Twitter conversation with a couple of people, Dirty Little Whispers mentioned the practice of figging, and I was half-challenged (albeit mostly in my own mind) to try it.

For those that don’t know, figging is the practice of taking a “finger” of ginger root, removing the skin and smoothing it down into a phallic shape. It is then washed, and coated in water before being inserted into the anus.

It is important not to use lubricant as the lubricant acts as a buffer between the ginger and the skin.

As I understand it, the practice was popular in Victorian times as a punishment and a way of stopping errant young ladies from squeezing their buttocks during a caning punishment. I just had to try it.

The ginger root cost £0.15 from the supermarket and when the children were in bed, my wife and I whittled the spicy root as shown above. After a few pictures, I bent over the couch and the ginger was slowly inserted; I expected so much!

At first, nothing, and then slowly it began to increase in warmth, very much like putting Deep Heat on a sore muscle. It kept increasing in intensity, acting as an irritant but was not unpleasant: far from it. It was exceedingly warm, and I was told it would burn – but the natural reaction of being burnt is to flinch, or withdraw your body and it was very far from that. Perhaps, the word I want does not exist.

I have before, put Deep Heat on the very sensitive part of my anatomy when I applied it to my thigh, and that was excruciating. Instead this was an intense heat. I clenched my buttocks and the “pain” intensified twenty times. I cried out in shock. I know why it was used for errant young ladies.

What I needed, more than anything was a spanking at this point, but none was forthcoming. After a few minutes I removed it, dripping with horniness and desperate for sex. A few minutes after the ginger was removed, my anus returned to “normal” and I had no ill effects.

Would I do it again? Absolutely! I know what to expect and I cannot say just how frisky and horny I became. As part of a spanking/caning it would be bliss, such a wonderful feeling, but on its own it was still warmly pleasant. I can imagine sex with ginger up the bum being quite nice!

Would I recommend it? Of course; why not, you’ll never know unless you try it.

Would love to hear other people’s experiences below.

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