Me and My Zapper Chapter 03

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Maisie crossed her arms and stared at me; she was angry. “I make specialist receivers and transmitters,” I told her. “It’s only a garage operation but I …”

“For getting men to force women to have sex with them! That’s disgusting!”

I shook my head quickly in disagreement. “No. It’s only me that uses that device,” I promised her, and took a slice of the breakfast toast I had put on the dining table. “That’s my hobby.”

“Hobby!” She cried in disbelief. “You’ve ruined my life!”

“Nonsense,” I snorted and took a deep breath. “I just get women to live out their secret desires. They get enjoyment and …”

“I have lost my job. I was already two months in arrears and my Dad is best friends with the landlord. I haven’t answered my phone as I know what they will say. So, tell me, how have you not fucked up my life?” She shouted aggressively and shook her head.

“Because I will pay you more than you did as a waitress, I will give you a skilled job and I will give you bed and board,” I offered; more out of guilt than anything else. She shook her head and told me that she didn’t trust me, but after a few minutes discussing her options – and the threat of a landlord’s eviction notice – she relented and agreed to move in the following day, if I would surrender my zapper to her.

“Because it’s fucking dangerous,” she cried and gestured towards the device I had put on the table to show her. “If you point that at a paedophile or a rapist, what’s going to happen?”

“I only point it at women,” I promised but she rightly scoffed at my excuse; I had not considered these eventualities before. “OK, how should I use it?”

“You shouldn’t,” she hissed, and scoffed at my objections: it did no harm and it gave people a way to live out their fantasies. A smile emerged on her face as she listened to my excuses. “I guess it is OK if you know the person and they were going to have sex with you anyway.” She sighed and crossed her arms. “I can see it does have a use. I mean, it did make me very horny. And I have never come as hard as I did. With that thing.”

I smirked and went to pick up the device, but she snatched it from under my grasp. “Oi.”

“You can have it back when you can be trusted,” she said in a patronising voice. “And I know just the date for you.” Her eyes sparkled as she put my toy into her pocket, and flicked some crumbs on her top, onto the floor. “I wonder if Annie is free tonight?” I was concerned by her gleeful grin and her sudden helpful demeanour but was ushered out of the small kitchen to “work” while Maisie set me up with her friend and made preparations for her moving in.

The rules, as agreed, was that we would meet at the pub and then returned to her flat. While Maisie would retain the zapper, she would only push it if I agreed. I was slightly perturbed by her abrupt bout of understanding, but she assured me that Annie was a lovely girl who had recently separated from her husband because of sexual differences and was a like a firework – “explosive material just waiting for that spark.”

She didn’t lie, as Annie was gorgeous, a few inches shorter than me at around 5ft6in but well proportioned and gloriously curvy. She had a wicked smile and hugged my chaperone as we entered the small inn, and I bought us all drinks. She had a slight Irish tilt to her voice that oozed mysterious intrigue, and seemed excited throughout our meal.

There was a permanent smile and unyielding enthusiasm about getting home and she happily rubbed the back of my hand as I finished my coffee. Every time the conversation edged towards sex, Maisie steered it away and I was a little suspicious, but she whispered that we all knew why we had met and she didn’t feel comfortable talking about it so brazenly.

I was feeling ambiguous. There was something Maisie and Annie were not telling me, but the small alcohol intake had dulled my inhibitions, and the young lady grabbed my hand as we ambled back from the pub, squeezing it hard but playfully. She babbled at her friend and my lodger, but we arrived at her small bungalow after a couple of minutes and after she unlocked the door, she ran off to her bedroom.

“Well?” Maisie whispered as I removed my coat and shoes. “May I press it?” I barely thought before nodding and she grinned, wickedly. “Just one thing,” Maisie warned as she pulled out a red object from her pocket. “I need you to be blindfolded.” She looked at my eyebrows rising and she licked her lips. “She has a few scars from … well I need you to if you want to get on with it!”

I sighed. “But that’s …” I started, but she slipped the padded cotton over my eyes.

“Don’t be a baby,” she warned as she led me into the second bedroom and pushed me against the bed. I groaned and cried out as I fell face first, but had to rely on my other senses as I tumbled in the unlit world.

She giggled and my arms were pulled upwards. “What!” I cried as I felt cold metal snapping over my left wrist and then my right. “Maisie, this isn’t funny. This …” I cried, shouting into the room, but was rewarded by a gag going across my mouth and stopping my speech. She pulled the blindfold from my eyes, looking over my shoulder as she roughly removed my trousers and underpants, and pushing my shirt to my shoulders to expose my back.

“Annie wants to be a dominatrix. But her husband couldn’t face it so he left. But she has so many hidden desires,” Maisie said gleefully and giggled at the horrified look in my eye. “This bedroom is her playground but poor Micky was too scared to come in.” The scheming minx took the zapper from her pocket and rolled it around in her fingers, watching my eyes sparkle with fear. “And I can press this!”

I begged her, muffled sounds from my gag, but she ignored me and called her friend into the room. “Please,” I cried. “Please, don’t. Let me go. I …”

“Ssshhh,” she told me as I struggled with my bindings. “You’ll like it.” Annie’s face lit up as she looked at the sight on the bed. A half-naked man, scrabbling with fear to escape the inevitable torment. She had dressed up: now resplendent in shiny black and red latex bodice with nothing more than fishnet stockings on her lower body. My cock twitched, oblivious to the ramifications of my predicament and Maisie smiled at me. “He’s lovely,” she told her as her finger pressed the zapper subtly. “He said he will take whatever fantasies you have.”

I cried into the gag and Annie looked at my lodger. “What he say?”

“I’ll get to that,” she patronised me, her finger still pressing on the button and Annie’s eyes started to glaze over. “He says he wants to satisfy you. In any way you want!”

She sighed and rubbed her latex crotch, licking her lips and striding over to the wardrobe. “Does he have a safeword?”

“Of course not,” Maisie added with a satisfied grin. “And I’ll be thoroughly disappointed if we wanted to use one.” Annie beamed, the lust fogging her brain and looked at her prey wriggling on the mattress. She writhed and grabbed hold of a long cane-like weapon from the wardrobe, her excitement evident as she cracked it into her hand and then swiped it across my thighs.

My flesh exploded into a mass of angry nerves, burning with pain and causing me to scream into my gag. “Hurt?” She asked excitedly as my skin glowed in agony. “Oh yes,” she yelled and cracked the long cane against the tops of my legs for a second time, igniting my flesh . My eyes moistened and I gripped the top of the bed as the crazy dominatrix lashed her cane painfully against my legs.

My skin raged; the fierce pain seething deep into my body as she rained angry strokes against my defenceless self. I stopped yelling for mercy after two dozen strikes as it was only encouraging her to hit harder, and looked at Maisie sitting on a chair and watching my torment unfold. I guess, she was getting her revenge and I couldn’t blame her.

Instead I had to take my punishment and the dainty, excited girl had a lot of strength in her arms, dropping the cane and resorting to ferocious smacks of my bare bottom before getting some wheeled spike.

Every touch of her implements sent waves of angry sensations through my body. I needed to be released. I had learnt my lesson, but Annie could not be stopped. With every lash she gave, her horniness seemed to double, and she openly touched herself through her latex clothing. She needed to orgasm and she cried in lust-soaked arousal with every smack, hit and stroke.

My cries and yells seemed to take her further; she used my muffled pleas for mercy as a cue to go harder, go faster, get more passionate and Maisie just watched and took pictures on her phone. As Annie beat me, as she used paddles and fiery hot wax to have me yelling into my gag.

They laughed as rivulets of blood trickled down my back and leg, and as my arse turned from pink to red to black, and then as she whipped the soles of my feet. My muffled screams were like a vibrator pressed against her cunt; she needed it to go faster so she hit harder, turning my body into a mass of bruises and left me broken and shaking.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” Annie cried as she pulled out something from a drawer and looked at Maisie. “Will he mind?”

“That’s his favourite,” I heard her exclaim, and my blood ran cold. Whatever she had in mind was not good news for me and I gulped; my red raw bottom exposed to the cool air of the room. Maisie smirked at me and licked her lips as Annie walked behind me and roughly pulled my hips upwards. I felt a finger touch my buttocks and then slide towards my anus. She pressed against it and I resisted but her intrusion effortlessly slid into my body.

I snarled and begged, and she withdrew her finger, leaving behind a cool wetness. I hoped I was wrong, but I guessed what Annie wanted, and I was powerless to resist. I cried and pleaded, tears running down my cheeks as Annie violated me. Her strapon slid gracefully past my ring of muscle as she gleefully took my anal virginity and filled my rectum with sinful exuberance.

My cock betrayed me; mostly erect throughout my torture, now prominent as I was ravished; my anal integrity desecrated with lubricious excitement. But I felt sparks of lust, tickling my loins. My body was enjoying it, aching from the beating I had received and now delighting as I was buggered by the unstoppable dominatrix.

I tried hard to fight it, but I couldn’t; my cock leaking as she slammed against my prostate. She was panting, squealing in delight as her strap-on rubbed against her clit and she tossed outrageous insults into the air, revelling in her sadistic triumph. I was insulted, I was abused, I was humiliated by her vile profanities, but my libido showed no signs of slowing at the offensive words or inflicted wounds.

She grabbed my hips roughly, pivoting on my waist as she ground her dildo into my rear and slapped my abused flesh. She squealed and panted, calling out to God as her cries erupted into a mass of orgasmic yells and howls. My prostate was being touched and poked forcefully and passionately and I screeched into my gag as she thrusted quickly into me.

My cries of anguish tipped her over the edge into the most violent of orgasms; her body trembled and she dug her sharp nails into my sides, gripping them and causing my body to tense with agony. “Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!” She called out and rammed her strap-on into me again, jack-hammering her toy against my prostate for her second and then her third climax.

I was not certain how many times she peaked, but I felt a warm haze engulf my body and my horniness build. I wanted to fuck her; I needed to, but the satisfied latex clad woman disengaged from me, and moved away from the bed, leaving me covered in sweat and dripping with lust.

“I’ll clean him up,” Maisie offered as Annie slouched against the wall and gulped. She waited until Annie left the room, before looking into my eyes. “That’s one-all,” she told me with a grin. “And that’s why you can’t just point that thing at anyone and hope for the best. It could lead to big problems.”

She seemed to be searching for understanding and forgiveness but my body ached. My anus felt stretched and well fucked, my thighs were burning, my feet was sore, my back was bleeding and my mouth tired and sodden. She was not going to get approval for her actions.

“And if you don’t understand,” she threatened. “Then I might just publicize some of the pictures I took.” Her eyes sparkled. “As uploaded to my private storage.” She must have seen my shoulders slouch as she removed my gag and I took some deep breaths.

“I won’t forget this,” I cried as the little minx smiled at me. “That was evil and it was …” She shook her hips and picked up the cane, tapping it gently across my buttocks.

“You can forgive me, and accept I have had my revenge. And I will give you a handjob as a peace offering,” she offered. “Or we can go to extra time.” I felt the cane rest on my abused bum and flinched as it lit up my skin.

“Yeah, you win this one,” I hurriedly said, and felt the heavenly gentle touch of her hand around my erect cock.

She had made her point very well. And she would be forgiven But I would not forget. I guess I had underestimated her before. I wouldn’t do so again.

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