Me and My Zapper Chapter 11

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This is the final chapter, for now. I may return to these characters in the future but these story is now closed! 😉

I spoke at length with Rebecca and Maisie, and eventually I sat Eva down and told her the truth about the zappers. I was expecting her to scream at me, but after disbelief, then showing her the devices in action, and then admitting how I had used my invention, she was overcome with emotion that I would still be willing to stand by her; she reasoned I could ensnare any girl I wanted.

As strange as it may sound, I didn’t want “any” girl. Her self-esteem was clearly low, but I promised her I did like her, and we curled up on the sofa and watched Juno together. I liked the ending comment in the film about the main character falling in love with the male lead, after they had sex and had a baby. I suggested that maybe that could happen with us, and she didn’t disagree but I guessed it was quite a lot to take in.

She surprisingly told me that if she stayed, she needed to make sure that I fitted the zappers to her bedroom. I looked at her, and she giggled. “Sex is unbelievable when I’ve been hit!” I laughed but she was serious, and a couple of days later, she moved all of her belongings into my private rooms, much to Maisie and Rebecca’s approval. I think they liked the idea of me settling down, or just taking responsibility for my actions with the zapper, but Eva was a lot of help in the hotel and got on well with everyone.

Maisie started dating a vet a few weeks after we opened, and told me that their first date was improved with the help of my invention. Her eyes twinkled as she spoke and she bit her lip. “I left it on all night,” she whispered with a giggle. “He was a stallion,” she added before skipping off to her private quarters.

Eva started to show her pregnancy after another couple of months and in a desperate attempt to build bridges with her family, we invited her parents and brother for a meal at the hotel one Monday night when the hotel was closed to guests. They accepted begrudgingly, and Eva spent days panicking about everything, although threatening to zap her usually brought her attention back to the present and when, on the day they were due to arrive my threats didn’t work, actually zapping her with the portable implement and then licking her to a hurricane-sized climax while the prawns sizzled next to us, did!

Eva was a good cook, and her family were treated to an amazing meal cooked by my young lady. We decided it would be better to present myself as an entrepreneur and Rebecca was presented as our “staff” while Maisie was my business partner. Eva’s parents refused to discuss the night at their restaurant and gave Rebecca a dirty look when she served us dinner in the dining room, but her brother had no problems with us and Maisie was an excellent host with her veterinary boyfriend, moving awkward conversations along nicely when required.

I was quizzed, as I expected to be. What did I want to do with Eva? Why was I interested in a pregnant teenager? Would I look after her? Would I be marrying her? I avoided most of them, and Eva was very anxious as she saw her “boyfriend” get interrogated by her parents. I wanted to remind them that they threw their daughter onto the streets a few weeks previous so sudden bouts of concern was hypocritical but this would not have helped relations.

Instead, after five amazing courses, the seven of us retired to the bar and Rebecca brought out a tray of espresso coffees while I poured a handful of drams of malt whisky: her father approved wholeheartedly. “How’s things?” Rebecca whispered as she helped me carry the spirits to the table.

“OK, I think,” I muttered. “Still a bit frosty towards me.” Rebecca giggled.

“If only they knew.” Fortunately they didn’t know the truth and I settled in my seat with my arm around my “girlfriend:” we still weren’t really sure what we were, other than parents-to-be and very regular lovers.

And then I felt it: a powerful pulse of lust and arousal, and both Eva and I spun around to look at the bar to look at Rebecca, grinning wildly at us. She shrugged, as Eva’s family grabbed their crotches in shock and fear. Eva knew exactly what our business partner had done, as did Maisie, but four members of our party were shocked at feeling incredibly aroused, without any obvious explanation.

“We better be going,” her mother cried and almost pushed the table over as she got up from her seat, unsettling a tray of drinks. She gulped as Eva’s father pushed her back into her chair and let his hands wander. “Not again,” she begged. “Please and … oh’s that great!” He chuckled.

I looked at Maisie, already dragging her partner towards the door and then caught sight of an almost-naked Rebecca, dressed in just suspenders, stockings and a holding a pink dildo in her hand. She smiled at Eva’s squirming brother as she slotted her six-inch dong into a harness and giggled as his eyes widened. “I know just what you like,” she teased and grabbed his hand. “I saw, remember!”

Eva and I watched transfixed as the sexy entrepreneur kissed the anxious man and coated her pink phallus in lubricant; Eva found it sexy and my fingers found the waistband of her knickers. She slouched in her seat, groaning as I pushed her skirt over her pregnant belly and removed her unnecessary garments to allow me access to her soaking crotch.

Her parents were already undressed: the fingers of Eva’s middle-aged father a blur as he massaged his wife’s cunt with passionate thrusting. She squealed and groaned, yelling loudly into the room as her partner brought her to her first climax, causing her to squirt dramatically into the lounge.

We had designed the room to allow for bodily fluids from passionate couples to spill, and the remnants of her orgasm pooled on the wipe-clean surfaces; many evenings had ended with one or more couples fucking in the lounge and a squirting woman was a normal occurrence for our establishment.

I gulped as Eva removed my trousers and her firm grip replaced my boxer shorts around my cock; I pressed harder on my teenage lover’s clit, swirling her slippery pearl around my finger and watching her sigh and groan in delight, every time I touched her. I loved the guilty sparkle of her innocent eyes, the heave of her distended belly and engorged breasts, and the sapid aroma of her delicious sex. I adored her groans, uncontrollably lustful, as she couldn’t stop my fingers swirling over her sensitive button.

She looked so devilishly sexy, yet youthfully pure, with her skirt hitched to her waist and her discarded knickers lying on the table. She squealed as her muscles tightened and she slid her hand over the head of my cock, saturated in pre-cum. I stared into her eyes for a moment, as her thumb massaged my most sensitive of areas and watched as she threw her head against the back of the leather sofa, shuddering as my sodden fingers worked her bare cunt into a vocal, powerful climax.

Her unmistakable squeals were matched by her mother, several feet away, bent over a table as the young lady’s father rammed his cock into the middle-aged woman. She swore lustfully, mixing her languages, as the naked pair fucked brazenly and passionately.

My eyes watched Rebecca; she had her male partner’s ankles nestled against her shoulders as her fake cock rubbed against his prostate. They were both mewling loudly, Rebecca rampantly thrusting the plastic penis into his arse with wild abandon as he groaned appreciatively. Pools and streaks of semen lined his bare torso as my business partner, and the zappers, had coaxed multiple orgasms from his youthful body. It was hot!

Eva tugged at my hand and I pulled her onto her feet, abandoning our clothes in the lounge. She dragged me towards the door, begging me to take her upstairs that I was only too happy to do. I had one last look at the debauchery in front of my eyes before leading the excitable Eva to my room.

She oozed sex; her seven months pregnancy showing clearly as she bounced to our private quarters and she eagerly unlocked the door. “Rebecca is so naughty,” she cried as she flung her white top into the corner of the room, and started on the remnants of my outfit. “So naughty,” she panted, running her supple fingers through my chest hair.

I looked into her warm and seductive eyes, and she impulsively grabbed my waist to pull me closer to her and ardently kissed me on the lips; she was heavenly sexy: so passionate and excitable, and I massaged her tongue with mine, as I gently guided her backwards onto the silk sheets of our double bed.

She purred as I moved gently down her body, taking the nipples of her swollen breasts between my lips and swirling her sensitive teats around my tongue. She groaned and ran her hands through my hair and sighed impatiently as my mouth allowed her enticing bosom to fall from my lips.

I loved her being pregnant; the bump of her body was a reminder to the wonderful sex of that fateful evening but the curves made her look womanly and sensuous. My tongue glided over her pregnancy and she pushed her hips into the bed, eager for me to touch her wet sex.

She groaned and restlessly fidgeted as my fingers slid into her cunt and pressed on her G-Spot. “Ooh, there!” She needlessly said: I had brought her to enough orgasms to know where to touch her.

I gazed into her eyes, watching every flinch, savouring every mew and returning every smile, as her cheeks flushed and her body writhed under my touch, as I brought her to her first shuddering, vocal climax.

I withdrew my fingers and licked them, running my tongue along the length of her slick wetness and savouring the taste of her delicious juices: so fragrant and feminine. She grinned at me. “If you like how I taste then you could go direct to the fountain,” she giggled.

She always knew I was going to and traced the outline of her sex with my wet fingers, spreading her wetness around her cunt, before I delved between her legs; she couldn’t resist a gentle groan as my tongue swirled across her pearl.

I adored her ambrosial taste, eagerly lapping her dripping crotch as I watched her breasts heave over her pregnancy. My cock leaked onto the bed, stiff and erect and pressing against the duvet. I wanted her tongue around my shaft, and a hand massaging my balls, as my tongue eagerly caressed Eva’s divine cunt. My arousal was intense, but I needed to wait, and I slid a finger into her pussy.

She gasped; her body soaked with uncontrollable lust as I found her G-Spot with delightful ease; she squealed out in desperation, willing me to go further, faster and deeper. She begged for more: my teenage lover screaming in passionate desire and was hungry for orgasms. I squeezed her nipple with my left hand, pressing it firmly between my thumb and forefinger as her cunt tightened around my intruding fingers.

She bucked her hips with wild abandon, releasing the untamed beast inside of her, as she screamed obscenities into the air. Her sweat-soaked skin writhed, her saturated cunt squeezed and her legs quivered, as a torrent of powerful orgasmic bliss swept through her body.

As so often with sex on the zappers, she could not stop, and her second climax triggered waves and waves of intense relief, as my young lover was hit with orgasm after orgasm; my tongue grew weary, my fingers ached, but I could not stop as her pregnant body yearned for every last drop of lustful enjoyment I could provide for her.

At last I could take it no longer, and as Eva rocked from a particularly intense peak, I parted her legs as wide as her pregnant belly would allow and slid my aching cock deep into her sodden pussy; her cunt squeezed me tightly.

I watched her dreamy gaze as we rhythmically fucked, my cock filling her sex, as our fucking sent her into another frantic, vocal climax. My body twitched with expectation; my loins teetering on the edge of my own precipice as her womanly cunt squeezed and coerced an intense orgasm from me.

I mewed and groaned, squealing as my body shock and several spurts of cum flooded into her sodden pussy; it was ecstasy: delightfully sinful and heavenly relief. I watched her face as I withdrew, leaking cum onto the bedclothes and collapsing on the bed beside her.

“I love sex with the zappers,” she muttered and allowed her fingers to glide along her body to her dripping cunt. She tasted her wetness. “You taste good too,” she said with a giggle, and we kissed: was she really the same innocent barmaid I had seduced all those months ago?

Twenty minutes and more orgasms later, we slung dressing gowns over our exhausted bodies and went down to the lounge. Eva’s family had gone and she put her head on my navy fleece, looking up at me. “They’ve gone,” she muttered mournfully.

But Eva’s parents could hardly complain about me when the only two times I had met them, they had descended into uncontrollable displays of “immoral” lust. Maisie promised that she would see them and straighten any objections they may have, and I shuddered to think of her plan. I am sure she would have done something underhand, as that’s what Maisie was best at, but a few days later they reluctantly gave Eva and I their blessing.

They were less keen to see Rebecca with her anal-loving bisexual partner, but there was little they could do to stop the two lovers, and our hotel became a mass of rampant sexual debauchery all day, even before you considered any of our guests!

Of course, our sex-starved visitors are our main focus, and we never let our sex lives get in the way of a customer having a fantastic time; we have been known to offer more hands-on help where required and Rebecca’s strap-on collection was not always limited to the backside of her young man. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

So, you have heard my tale and our story; I have told you everything you need to know … when are you coming to visit?!


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