Me and My Zapper Chapter 10

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“Pregnant!” Rebecca cried, causing the teenage barmaid to flinch. “As in proper pregnant.”

Eva nodded and withdrew a pregnancy test from her bag that clearly showed a blue line where I would have hoped to see nothing. I wiped a tear from her eye, causing her to flinch again. “I thought I should tell you.” She bit her lip as she fidgeted. “My parents and me …” She shrugged as she stared into the knot in the wood on the table and looked up at me with red, puffy eyes. “… they said I was disgusting and threw me out.” Our eyes met and she squeezed her bag tight to her waist.

“Where are you staying?” Rebecca asked.

My mind was a blur; as naïve as it sounds, it simply didn’t occur to me what the consequences of uncomplicated and unsafe sex would be. I had taken advantage of the young lady that night and she was living with the consequences. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be a father, but Eva’s eyes were filled with the weight of expectation bearing down upon her, and were laced with fear. I had no right to be scared, she was the one who was set to become a teenage mother.

“I’m staying on a friend’s sofa but I have to leave soon. Her parents don’t like it.” She passed me an ultrasound picture and I looked at it without saying a word. “I’ve gone past twelve weeks.” She looked across the table, willing me to say something. “I so hoped it wasn’t, but it was.”

“I’m … I’m so sorry,” I muttered, but felt ridiculous for saying so. Her eyes watered further and she asked to go to the toilet; I pointed her towards an oak-panelled door in the corner of the room and watched guiltily as she made her way over to it.

“I said that it was dangerous,” Maisie said, sniping at me the moment Eva had passed through the toilet door. “I …”

“Yes,” I interrupted. “No good preaching. How do you think I feel?”

“You feel?” Rebecca asked in surprise and indignation. “You’ve got an eighteen year old girl pregnant and she has been made homeless for it. She can’t have an abortion and if her family are Catholic which they probably are, being Italian and all that, then that wouldn’t be possible anyway. She is alone, scared and young. No idea where to turn to and you think we should care what you feel?”

I gulped. “But …”

Rebecca jabbed her finger into my chest. “You’ve totally screwed her life up.”

“You pressed the button,” I moaned, but Rebecca rebuffed my words with a dismissive flick of her bony wrist. “And what do you expect me to do? I can’t go back in time and …”

“You should stand by her,” Rebecca replied, forcefully in an aggressive tone. “Not as her partner, but you must help support her as she raises your child. Or you’re not the person I want as my business partner.”

“Nor me,” Maisie added and crossed her arms, as they both stared at me. I gulped at the wine.

“But having a child is a big commitment and how do I know that this isn’t some ruse to get some money out of me. And anyway, settling down with someone is a big deal and …”

“You are having a child,” Maisie interrupted. “And we didn’t say settle down, although we do need to offer her lodgings for tonight.” She cocked her head and glanced towards the toilet door. “She needs someone. And it doesn’t matter if that person has only known her for one night. She needs some support.”

I groaned, but they were right. Eva’s predicament was my fault, and I had a responsibility. My business partners left the room before Eva returned and I was waiting with a hug and a cuddle, promising her that I would offer her support, where I could. Maisie returned with a key for “Room Eight” and I escorted her to the smallest suite in the building, and the room adjacent to my bedroom door.

Eva cried a bit, when I sat her on the bed, and put my arm around the young lady; she said she came to warn me I would be a father, and had been worried I would be angry or threaten her. How she thought I could be angry with a vulnerable girl whose problems were down to me, was a mystery. I was not happy about the situation, but she was blameless; I was very far from being blameless.

It was as she was sobbing, that I felt it: a surge of arousal engulfing me and looked at the pregnant teenager, gripping her crotch through her wet clothes and sniffing; either Maisie and Rebecca had deliberately turned on the zappers for the room, or they had forgotten to reconfigure the nightly cycle when they gave me the key. I groaned inwardly; sending shockwaves into the bedrooms was a key feature of our business plan, but I didn’t plan to arouse the youthful Eva.

We could hear the sounds of couples having loud, vocal sex through the walls, and I looked at the young lady. “I always feel like this around you,” she cried and gripped my wrist as I flooded my underwear with pre-cum.

“Ah Eva,” I cried, as she frantically undressed herself. “I feel …” She glanced at my erect cock prominent underneath my clothing.

“You have this aura,” she added breathlessly as she scrambled at my trousers, freeing my spewing dick. She looked in wonder as pre-cum poured from the head, running down my shaft like a fountain.

“You’re the sexiest girl I know.” I was not sure if I totally meant the compliment, but my brain was functioning on lust and arousal alone and Eva was the most beautiful girl I had screwed in years.

“I’m not,” she panted but I rubbed her slit with my finger and she watched as rivulets of clear lubrication trickled down my cock and soaked my pubic hair.

She panted, her crotch hot and slippery under my touch; her fingers closed around my shaft and I shuddered. Fierce erotic tension sparkled in my cock as her elegant fingers moved around the pre-cum and glided over my head. It was breathtaking. She was breathtaking!

I gasped, spreading my legs further apart and delighting in the radiant girl’s smooth touch. She bit her lip, throwing her head onto the pillow and squealed; two of my fingers had slid into her hairless cunt and were probing her insides, looking for her G-Spot. I found it: delighted squeals and frantic breathlessness followed as I massaged her cunt, and my thumb rotated over her clit.

Her body shook and she bucked her hips: her muscles thrashing uncontrollably as she convulsed with passion. She looked beautiful when she climaxed, her eyes wide and sparkling, her nipples erect and enticing and her skin radiant and so kissable. Her frantic cries filled the room, as the lust-crazed woman’s groans got louder and louder.

She shuddered as my fingers pressed firmly against her slippery hole and massaged her G-Spot. Pre-cum poured out of me, running down my thigh and pooling on the maroon duvet as I leant on the bed to touch her, and my cock ached; I wanted to plunge deep into her sodden delights, I wanted to feel her slippery crotch against my cock and I wanted to savour her teenage orgasms as she climaxed in my arms. I wanted her.

I thrust my fingers into her wet cunt, relishing every grunt, groan, mewl, twitch and quiver of her youthful body as I enticed a dozen climaxes out of her, making a massive wet patch on the quilt. She weakly pleaded with me to let her rest, but appreciated every further touch with unmistakeable lustful zeal; I could not force my sex-crazed mind to stop, until she offered me a greater gift.

She pulled me towards her, begging me to fuck her with a flash of her eyes, dazed by the zappers and dripping with uncontrollable desire. Her legs parted effortlessly, as my cock poked her slit and slid down her crotch before filling her cunt; sex with the zappers always felt incredible but this was on a separate plane.

Her tight pussy kissed me as I slowly filled her, sliding over my pre-cum soaked cock and sending a surge of erotic desire through my loins. They itched with arousal, awash with lust and desperate for me to pound the young lady to a wild, vocal climax that would rock the foundations of the hotel. I needed it, and as I stared into her gaze knew she needed it to. Nothing else mattered: just me and Eva.

I pushed my cock into her, kissing her on the neck as my waist rhythmically thrusted my manhood deep into the beautiful girl. She swore and mewed with every thrust; her nipples hard against my skin and grabbed her hands with mine, pinning her to the bed, as I forcefully took her.

She squeezed my cock invading her cunt, and squealed as I felt my orgasm well up inside of me; my perineum fizzed and tightened, my cock sparkling with anticipation as I held onto my peak, pushing harder, faster, more desperately into young Eva.

She wriggled underneath me as my body powered towards the point of no return; she swore vociferously and passionately as her nerves delighted in the energetic sex and dominating nature of our congress. With a final thrust, my resolve weakened and I released, relief and orgasmic satisfaction spreading throughout my aching body as my loins exploded into a mess of lust. It felt heavenly as I filled her cunt with my seed.

For a moment, I forgot about Eva as surges of incredible satisfaction surged through my body as I savoured every last spark of my orgasm; it was unbelievable. Eva twitched as I disengaged from her: her hair was a mess, her eyes saturated with exhaustion and her wonderful smile, a tell-tale signature of her satisfaction.

How I adored the young, pregnant teenager; nothing could spoil it. I lay next to her and passed her several sheets of tissue paper as we cleaned ourselves up in silence. I had several very big decisions to make, but as I wrapped up Eva in my arms and rubbed her flanks, I felt satisfied for the first time in a very long time.

And I also had the morning zapper alarm call to look forward to.

Final chapter coming soon!

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