Me and My Zapper Chapter 07

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I couldn’t leave Rebecca with Elsie, especially after what had just happened, so we fled out the back door and sprinted across the small cul-de-sac to my car, as Elsie’s

well-fucked sister staggered through the front door arguing vociferously with her husband. We made haste towards my house but Rebecca really wasn’t finished with her arousal and we had to stop at a lay-by for another fuck, with a dozen orgasms gripping her slight frame.

I wanted an explanation from Maisie, who was waiting expectantly to see me as I burst into the lounge. “Who’s that?” She asked abruptly as Rebecca entered the room behind me.

“Rebecca. And she knows all about it,” I replied, equally as curtly, although my brusque response did not faze my young lodger. “Seriously, she knows what it can do.”

“You fucked her then?” She enquired with raised eyebrows as we sat down. “We need privacy, send her home.”

“No,” I snapped and looked at Maisie. “Just tell me why you did what you did.” I glanced at Rebecca. “We want to know.”

Maisie gulped, but I looked at her with a steely glance and she relented with an aggrieved sigh. She rubbed her hands, taking a small pouch from her handbag and putting it on the table. “Your friends. Well, your sister’s friends, are very rich people. Very, very rich people,” she explained with a mischievous grin. “The sort of people who would pay big money to prevent a tape of their wives performing utter debauchery, filmed from a public footpath, from falling into the wrong hands. Well, from staying in mine.”

I groaned. “Blackmail! Maisie, that’s illegal!” I exclaimed, but the little minx have a little Gallic shrug of her shoulders and a cheeky grin.

“Not at all. I just offered them a chance to buy exclusive rights to Wanton Wives Dirty Debauchery, Volume One, before I put it on the open market. And the opening bid was £5,000 each, but they will go higher. Much higher as they were very keen for their wives antics not to make it for public consumption.” I gulped but she cocked her head at me, and passed me a tatty piece of paper. I scowled as I unfurled the A4 sheet, and she licked her lips. “23 couples were there, that little hotel is just under £250,000.” She shrugged and looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes. “It’s in the middle of nowhere, and a bit run down, but it’ll be perfect. I reckon I get ten grand each from the people, plus a bank loan and …”

“For what?” Rebecca and I interrupted simultaneously as I glanced at the brunette.

Maisie sighed. “Imagine this,” the young lady said, articulating her plan with animated hands and a cheeky grin. “That’s a ten bed hotel. A couple of rooms for us, so eight couples. The couples arrive at 3pm. The women have massages while the men get ‘lessons in seduction and sex,’ before they are brought together in togas for a romantic meal full of aphrodisiacs. Then as they finish their food, we turn on the zappers built into the hotel wall or lights, and rooms. And we turn them on every half hour for a minute through the night. It’s in the middle of nowhere so we can have them fucking in the garden and call it The Lovers’ Hotel. Every frustrated guy will have his wife booked in and we can say it was the seduction lessons and the aphrodisiacs that did it. You said you wanted to use your invention, it’s the only safe way.”

“But to make it worthwhile it would have to be pretty expensive,” I muttered as Rebecca picked up the tatty A4 paper from my grasp. I was wondering how we would fill the rooms; promises to make your partner sexually excited would be fraught with problems and cynicism.

Maisie chuckled. “Easy. You don’t get laid, we don’t get paid. That’s one hell of a guarantee! We will have the money, I just need a couple more things.” Her eyes looked at Rebecca and sniffed. “I need to draw up a contract for Katie and her neighbours, a contract for us, 50/50. And I also need to find a zapper that works on men.” I groaned, but Maisie was insistent that to be fair she needed to dose up men with lust at the same time the women got a hit, although I thought that enhancing the male libido was completely unnecessary.

I slept on the couch that night while Rebecca slept in my bedroom and Maisie tasked our new friend and I with the creation of the male zapper the following day; my invention of the female equivalent was accidental. In fact, my neighbour and her teenage daughter had been my guinea pigs as I played with the exact frequencies, and I am sure if either of their partners knew, I would be bought many drinks; they became rampantly insatiable for many weekends as I zapped them repeatedly from the other side of the fence!

I never worked out why my zapper worked on women, and speculated it vibrated key anatomy inside of them or mimicked female arousal in the brain, but I sat myself naked in front of Rebecca, and a bunch of gadgetry connected to a computer, that would try hundreds of waveforms, frequencies and combinations together. This was a million-to-one shot, but it was the only idea I had.

We soon got bored, and after two hours we were barely any closer to reaching the male frequency when I felt something; a tingle in my loins, and called out. Rebecca stopped my computer script and began to adjust the computer, watching as my erect cock sparked into life. She giggled as it twitched and a drop of pre-cum pooled on the surface.

I had showed Rebecca how to use the program and she continued to fire similar frequencies at me, but very little extra happened; I would feel a mild excitement, and a small accumulation of pre-cum, and as we broke for lunch, I could tell that Rebecca was underwhelmed. It was dull work, staring a stranger’s cock and fiddling with the buttons on a computer.

“Add a brown noise,” I suggested as we sat down, our enthusiasm renewed by a break, ham sandwiches and cheap supermarket tea. “At 19.94Hz.” She looked at me, a little surprised by the sudden excitement in my eyes and I raised a smile. “The female frequency is over-layed by that, I wonder.” I had to help her with the utility on the computer, and sat in front of the machine, wondering and excited.

And then I felt it. A powerful tingling in my cock that grew in intensity, it was as if I had a young lady’s lips encased around my testicles and sucking them with relentless abandon. It was powerful, magical and I gasped. My mind filled with sexual fantasies and lustful thoughts as I gripped the arm of the chair, staring at my erect cock, twitching with rampant excitement.

Pre-cum gushed from the end of my dick: clear, vicious liquid running over my glans and down my shaft, and Rebecca giggled, watching me panting and gasping as I gazed longingly at my erection; it looked bigger than usual and then stared at the sexy woman standing by the computer.

She looked incredible, and she coyly flicked her hair. I was going to have her. I devour her slit and make her come repeatedly until her bones shook and her soul professed undying love for my tongue. And then I was going to fuck her, ram my cock deep into her well lubricated hole and powerfully thrust her cunt to several orgasms until I came inside of the young vixen.

“Are you OK?” She asked, with a cocked head and a slight scowl. I nodded, shedding my T-Shirt before I stood up and moved towards her. “Ehhh … you have a weird look and … oh shit!” Rebecca stepped back and pulled a zapper from her pocket, staring at me with a giggle. “I hoped I might need this,” she muttered and aimed it at herself.

In my mind she had no need to press the zapper, she was already going to get several orgasms if she wanted them, but afterwards I knew why: she wanted to be as aroused and as stimulated as me, and if the male orgasms when dosed on lust was anywhere like as powerful as the female climaxes I had seen then I was going to be in for a cracking afternoon.

I saw her grasp her crotch with shimmering eyes and a pained expression etched upon her face as I frantically stumbled towards her. She panted, as I tugged at her baggy shorts. We kissed; not as an expression of love or even attraction, just as pure arousal engulfed our bodies and we desperately needed physical intimacy. It was the first step, as her hand touched my erect cock, sliding her grip down the shaft and rubbing the slick glans with her thumb.

My legs buckled as the sensations overwhelmed my senses and intense desire pooled in my loins. I covered her hand and shorts in pre-cum with a gasp, squirting towards her as the arousal built, and reached for the table to steady my wobbly balance. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the brown sofa in the corner of my workshop. “I’m going on top,” she demanded, shedding her shorts as I was thrown onto the tatty furniture. I looked up at the desperate minx, watching as she swung her legs over my head and sat herself on my face.

She smelt of sex; her crevice reeked of arousal and debauchery, but it was heavenly and with ultimate impatience plunged her cunt into my face. A rush of exhilaration surged through me as her juices sizzled on my senses: her taste was pure lust, the unmistakeable flavour of an aroused woman seeking sexual euphoria. Her smell lingered, a sweet, juicy loveliness that provoked intense memories of rampant debauchery, while the texture of her moist cunt – a smooth, slippery path of pure femininity – was completely divine.

At that moment, I had everything I needed in the world: a juicy, aroused slit itching to be eaten out and a woman playing with my firm cock. My tongue glided over her dripping pussy, savouring the smorgasboard of delightful sensory stimulations, before I wrapped my lingua around her clit. She twitched and grabbed hold of my waist, leaning forward to give me better access.

I could think of little else and stared into her anus as my tongue danced over her pearl, slaloming down her sodden crack and soaking my face in our juices; she was heaven and my fingers caressed her body effortlessly until I was able to squeeze her pert nipples in my fingers.

She shuddered, squealing into my crotch as the tingling arousal engulfed her and she erupted into a dramatic climax, squealing and writhing as my tongue vibrated against her clit. She was quick! Rebecca kissed the top of my fountaining cock: the pre-cum had not stopped gushing from my tingling dick, and I groaned as my partner engulfed my manhood with her warm mouth.

A potent swell of incredible horniness consumed my cock, my balls and then deluged my body as the little minx sucked the tip of my manhood and ran her hands over my pre-cum soaked balls. I groaned and cried into her musky wet crotch, lapping at her clit with wild abandon and felt her buck and wriggle over my body.

My cock danced, delighting in every minute exhilarating touch of her skilled fellatio as she gently ran her tongue over the shaft. Waves of sinful pleasure bombarded my body, as I devoured her slit; I had never felt this horny and this excitable in my life, but Rebecca’s talented tongue was causing wild lust to dominate every inch of my body.

I wanted to come and release, but nothing could compare to this feeling; I was on edge and Rebecca’s sucking on my glans, and delightful licks over the shaft kept me on the point of no return, but not going over it.

My mind was obsessed; I savoured the constant rushes of passion and desire, but needed the pinnacle of my lust to be satisfied, and gripped my partner’s thighs desperately. I had no need to pull her crotch closer to my tongue, but loved the cool wetness covering my face as she tipped herself into another couple of orgasms, shuddering and shaking as her surges of erotic relief engulfed her body.

I needed my release and pulled at her, sliding out from underneath as my partner had her fifth climax with a loud scream that echoed around the small workshop. She looked at me over her shoulder, desperate longing fizzing in her gaze as I knelt on the worn couch and pushed my erect cock into her crotch doggy-style.

She gasped as she guided it into her slippery cunt, the cure to our uncontrollable horniness evident as her heavenly hole kissed the intruder warmly. We needed the sex, and rivers of pre-cum and juices streamed down my thighs and collected on the stained sofa.

She looked divine, her anus winking at me as desperation overtook me and I pounded into her welcoming gash and sending the young lady into near-constant spasming climaxes. I was on the edge, itching for a release, but my body refused to take me further.

I thrust passionately into her, ramming my cock into her orifice with a relentless onslaught; she loved it and her body convulsed with dramatic writhing and screaming, but I could not move. My body was electrified, tortured by desperation and desire that could not slaked. I needed succour and begged my body to relent, willing my hungry libido for the violent relief I needed!

It responded and I felt my perineum tingle and tighten, my cock tingled desperately and I gripped her waist, thrusting deep inside the wanton women with unforgiving blows; she was in repeated climax, clearly unable to comprehend anything beyond the intense pleasure erupting throughout her body and I jackhammered into her spasming cunt.

It was ecstasy; every nerve in my body steadied itself ready for a gigantic release of sinful relief and I waited, on tenterhooks and willed myself for the peak; it was the eye of the storm, the quiet moment before the riot, the seconds before the battle. I was ready and felt a million hands caress my body.

I felt fingers whirl over my nipples, kissing them with utmost passion and skill. Hands cupped my buttocks and twirled over my perineum. Tongues lapped at my balls, sucking them gently and fingers pressed against my prostate, tickling it with glee. Every part of my body was touched, caressed, kissed and teased and I cried desperately into the small workshop, roaring with unfettered lust.

I shook and cried, orgasming for two whole minutes as my cock spasmed and powered cum into her tight opening. My body relentlessly smothered me in sinful relief as every nerve overloaded my senses with fierce eruptions of concupiscent passion, consuming my desperate arousal and causing every muscle to quiver.

I panted as I came down from the high, noticing Rebecca’s trembling body, slumping forward. I looked at her in the eye for a moment; I didn’t need to say anything, but could see exhaustion and satisfaction in equal measures. For those last few minutes, I didn’t even remember that there was a woman with me; it was just a rampant, desperate sex as hormones and instinct powered me to an orgasm and her to dozens.

I apologised for my single-mindness with my eyes. “It worked,” I muttered as she leant forward, cum running out of her crotch on my couch. “But I think we need to turn the battery power down a bit on the zappers,” I suggested, still panting as my crotch itched, and desperate for more sex.

Rebecca nodded and stumbled to her feet, looking into the corner of the room as Maisie leant against the doorframe. “Bravo,” she cried, still wearing her coat. “It works then.”

I nodded and felt for the couch to steady myself, my leaking cock still proudly erect as Rebecca reached the small table. “He needs more,” she cried and gulped and aimed the zapper at my lodger.

I needed more sex, and suddenly, I had two partners dosed on rampant arousal. I am the luckiest man in the world!

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