Me and My Zapper Chapter 04

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To say the trust between Maisie and I had taken a battering after her shenanigans with her dominatrix friend would be an understatement. I loathed the deception but she reminded me that I had clearly gained some satisfaction from the experience and reasoned that she had found my excuses about using my zapper flimsy: she said she needed to show me how dangerous it could be.

But Maisie knew that I would seek some sort of retribution and had hidden my zapper somewhere in my house. I spent ages looking but she had hidden it well and I never found it. Instead, we put it behind us and I showed her how to help in my garage operation making simple electronic devices; she took to the work very quickly, mastering a soldering iron in minutes and starting to churn out customer orders within a couple of days to a high standard.

I showed her how to use oscilloscopes to check the output of my little cottage factory and she kept a watchful eye on me; she knew I would want to make another zapper and had made sure that I was not left alone with my tools for very long.

The opportunity to make another, came about a week after the dominatrix trick: my frustration had reached insane levels, and while Maisie was a good lodger, we had not progressed to being lovers: it was a weird friendship and nothing else. She taunted me, and teased me, but I wanted my zapper back and she would not relent. Basically, she got careless, and left me alone for fifteen minutes as one of her friends had a “massive crisis” with her on-off boyfriend and reception on her old mobile phone was not good enough inside my garage; she stepped outside.

Inside five minutes I had soldered the components I needed onto a small piece of stripboard, along with a battery connector and an on/off switch before stashing it carefully in the waste paper basket. Maisie eyed me suspiciously on her return, apologising for her brief departure and said nothing as I placed the rubbish bag in the “black bin” in my garden, for retrieval later. Which I did.

I had a few ideas, but her traumatised friend had requested some support that weekend; she ran a Sunday league football team and a number of the players had been incapacitated with a bug that left them requiring additional footballers. Maisie volunteered and my new zapper went with us both, unbeknown to my young lodger.

The parish council-run facilities, a couple of miles from my house, certainly required some maintenance, and the muddy pitch had more dirt than grass. The football pitch was bordered by a small set of changing rooms and a mobile tea and coffee stall, also selling pasties that looked like they had been there for some weeks. I skipped both and stood to watch as the two teams warmed up and then kicked off.

I had no idea Maisie was so bad at football; her attempts to pass the ball were calamitous, her solitary shot on goal endangered passing birds more than the net, and her tackles were so mistimed even Paul Scholes would have winced. But everyone seemed to be enjoying watching the 22 young ladies run around the muddy pitch in the most passionate of spirits, especially as their shorts were short and most of the ladies were fit, attractive and fairly well endowed.

Maisie smiled at me as she ran past me at half-time and as full-time blew I steadied my zapper in my pocket, pointing at the group of ladies shaking hands and congratulating themselves. I wasn’t aiming for any particular member, just the group.

My invention was powerful and I had to show that; show how good it could be. Show her how it sated every thirst and urge the women had. Maisie had to understand.

The nearest girl to me clenched her fists and her body shook; her friend panted and grabbed hold of her, leaning towards the muddy footballer. All over the pitch, hands grasped crotches and eyes sparkled; friendly congratulations turned to anxious stumbling and glances. Instantly, there was a sexual tension in the air.

Maisie knew. She looked at me with a fire in her heart and slapped me across the face. “I’ll fuckin’ swing for you,” she cried as the spectators turned in shock at the violent outburst to watch us argue. Instead, the horny minx grabbed my hand and pulled me by the wrist, dragging me inside the changing room and pushing me up against the tile-lined cool wall. “You made another one,” she panted and with lust driving her thoughts and consuming her eyes, she kissed me, pushing her lips against mine and running her hands over my body.

Her muddy football kit was sodden and soft to the touch as I frantically slid my hand into the waistband of her white shorts. She groaned into my shoulder as I touched her clit and opened my eyes to see a dozen of horny football players engaged in the throws of passion. A lesbian threesome inches from us were the noisiest, while the good spirit shown on the pitch was continuing off of it, as two of the opposition were being ate out by players from Maisie’s team.

Another guy, clearly dragged into the changing room, looked at me, shocked, as two team-mates took turns in licking his cock and fingering each other; it was like a dream for him and he could scarcely believe it was happening. Maisie groaned, and shivered; her muscles tightening and twitching as I flicked her sensitive button with my finger. She groaned lustfully into the damp changing room, savouring every touch on her pearl. “You love this, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” she muttered as she panted and squealed; her body consumed by the rampant lust she so hated me for causing. “Oh God,” she muttered and sniffed.

“Every girl in here is thanking me right now,” I whispered. “They are getting some of the best sex of their life. Look.” I spun her body around, keeping my fingers in her waistband and held her back to my chest, making her watch as her team-mates pleasured each other, and a random spectator.

I swirled her clit in my fingers, allowing it to dance over my slippery fingers and pinched her nipple through her yellow football shirt. She cried out, yelling profanities into the lust-soaked room and panting as her body lurched into a powerful climax. She gripped my thigh, rocking back against my crotch as she rode her first orgasm, her shorts becoming sodden from her intimate juices gushing from her cunt.

“You,” I cried to a startled girl, fingering herself on the floor of the changing room. “She loves giving oral,” I pushed Maisie towards her and ordered my errant lodger to go down on the young lady; the two girls barely paused as Maisie stumbled into the girls crotch and ripped her white shorts from the redhead to devour her slit.

I had a few seconds to capture the scene on my phone before it was noticed that I was alone, and one of the horny footballers, pulled at my trousers and freed my cock. I smiled at the fresh-faced girl, her face a mixture of innocence and guilt, as she licked my erect cock from root to tip. Her black hair framed her round face and cheeky grin sexily and I pulled her up to face me, before laying her on the rickety wooden bench.

She didn’t even flinch as I towered over her, but stroked my cock impatiently as I glanced at her muddy legs and dirty shorts; she hadn’t even removed her football boots, but I didn’t care, and ripped her shorts open. She gasped, as my fingers brushed across her gushing cunt, pushing her knickers to one side.

She screamed passionate obscenities as my cock touched her entrance and her muddy boots wrapped themselves around my clean T-Shirt. “Fuck me!” She yelled and exploded into a mass of passionate screams and shrieks, her body shaking and gasping as my cock slid into her moist hole. She took a deep breath and gripped the side of the bench, howling loudly as her muscles contracted around my intruding cock.

She yelled obscenities; the most profane of words, and the most extreme of sayings as her pussy quivered relentlessly throughout the rampant thrusting of my cock into her cunt. She came continuously, screaming and crying as her breasts heaved and she snatched breaths of air. She gushed, an unrelenting flow of liquid streamed from her crotch as I began to pound my cock into her orgasming cunt.

“Shut her up,” I asked the opposition goalkeeper, naked and bruised. “Sit on her face.” My partner barely noticed as an aroused pussy lowered itself over her mouth, and her tongue enveloped around the expectant loins; her grip around my cock tightened. I slid my hands over her bare cunt and found her clit with my thumb, spinning the little pearl.

My lust was building; I was nearly at the point of no return: the sights of the bisexual orgy, the sounds of the rampant debauchery, the smell of mustiness and lust and the feel of an orgasming pussy around my cock, all combined to produce a powerful sensory overload. I could taste my climax. I could feel it building in my body and desperately needing to escape. It was there; I was ready.

Maisie came up behind me. “You. Are. A. Fucking. Bastard,” she panted and nibbled at my ear. “But I so fucking need this right now.” I glanced around to see a young lady scissoring her fingers into my Maisie’s cunt and I gulped, thrusting deeper into the orgasming woman.

I could feel it; I held on desperately for my orgasm, eager to intensify the climax; her legs had barely stopped shaking since I had touched her clit but as I powered my cock into the desperate woman, her body trembled and her muffled screams had got louder.

My loins twitched and a surge of tension engulfed my cock; I felt relief sweep my body as squirts of cum squirted from my shaft and buried themselves deep inside the young lady, screaming lustful delight into the crotch of the goalkeeper.

I withdrew, taking a few deep breaths and panting as I watched my cum leak from her well fucked hole. I gasped and looked at Maisie and then of the dozen women engaged in a lesbian orgy.

“Open up!” A voice cried from the door, and I heard hammering. “Emily, what’s going on?” No-one cared about the worried voices from behind the locked changing room door and I saw Maisie wide-eyed as her team-mate was fingering her again.

“We got to get out of here,” I shouted at Maisie as a random girl sucked my cock free of cum and smiled up at me. “Sorry,” I told her. “We gotta go.” I tugged at Maisie’s hand but she refused and the spurned lady between my legs looked at me with pleading eyes. “Maisie!”

I had to pull my horny lodger away from the eager woman and drag her into the shared showers. The sounds of passionate orgasms and angry fucking from the adjacent changing room told me that they were enjoying the full effects of my invention too, and I pulled the naked girl out of the fire escape and into the car park.

Dozens of voices gasped as we emerged from the side of the building, and a man grabbed hold of the fire escape door. “What the …”

“It’s bedlam in there,” I muttered as I pulled Maisie across the car park to my car and wheel spun the vehicle out of the car park.

“That’s why it’s dangerous,” she panted as she played with her clit in my front seat, treating me to a sordid erotic show. I gulped and pulled into an abandoned bridleway, bringing my car an abrupt stop.

“In the back,” I ordered and took a deep breath. Well, I was a man and she had an itch that needed satisfying. But I would be in trouble the following day, I knew I would be, but at the moment, I had what she so desperately needed. And I was going to give it to her!

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