No laughing matter

It was a tricky situation. And I wasn’t sure of the rules.

In fact, I doubt many men have considered what to do in the circumstances.

Because it’s not something that any man wants to have happen to them.

And it is something that could seriously damage a man’s ego.

After all, what do you do when your partner erupts into hysterical laughter the moment you start intercourse?

Total, uncontrollable laughter; spasms from her belly that I felt through my cock sliding into her wet pussy. Her eyes, pressed against the duvet, not able to look at me, as her tight pussy clamped around my manhood, coaxing sheer pleasurable relief from my cock.

It had been four days since I’d last come with a ruined orgasm. Many more days of evil tease, and hundreds of hours of utter torturous denial. She made me beg for it, plead and desperately implore her to release me from her taunting abstinence. I’d earned my pleasure too: several orgasms for my wife as my tongue wrote sensual melodies on her clitoris.

And then it was my turn; I’d been erect for a lot of the previous week. My mind was aching with sinful imaginations, my cock itching to be pleasured. I was desperate for it, desperate for her. It was her that suggested a sort of doggy-style, presenting her tantalising splash of pink for my pleasure.

I was there; so long had I waited through her teasing to get there. This was what my libido had tortured me for, sliding my cock into her sopping pussy, no resistance.

Nothing but an avalanche of relief encompassing my cock as I slid in; the warm, velvety pocket of femininity so delicious as it kissed the intruder with abundant warmth.

A moment shared: the first thrust of our intercourse. A glorious, romantic connection between two lovers, unsullied by filthy impurities. It was pure, natural and as beautiful as an ocean sunset.

Until she started; a giggle as I completed my second thrust; laughter by the fourth and hysterics on the sixth.

What should I do?

Could I continue: pound into her delicious pussy with renewed zeal to power another orgasm from her. Should I hope to turn the hysterical laughter into a hysterical climax? Or should I stop?

It had been days. Days for a rampantly horny beast to remain unsated, and days worth of frustration that would only be released by the toe-trembling orgasm I deserved and needed.

But she continued: belly laughs as I tried to do what I needed to do. Thrusting, ramming, pounding, fucking her. And I wanted to fuck her. To drive my manhood into her until she screamed with delirious orgasm.

Only she wasn’t screaming with pleasure, nor was I close to my toe-trembling orgasm, but my ego was being punctured. My pride slapped and beaten as her laughter ripped through me, hurting the essence of my soul. I felt small; weak. It felt wrong. I wanted to finish but couldn’t, looking down her back and her outstretched hands.

“That’s very nice,” I moaned. “In the middle of sex and you start laughing!”

“Well let me get back on the bed then!” She snapped back, her eyes twinkling as she looked over her shoulder; her legs were still on the mattress, her head resting on the duvet abandoned on the floor. Acrobatic sexual positions were fine until one person loses their balance.

Only I didn’t lose my balance, or the position of my cock in her cunt. She may have been upside down, but I was happy to keep going; I didn’t want to stop fucking her; I wanted to delight in her tight pussy as I fucked her harder and harder. Reward for days of teasing, taunting and baiting. I wanted to seize my moment, but every movement elicited more uncontrollable laughs from my upside-down wife.

And I wasn’t sure of the rules. It was a tricky situation. What’s a horny man to do?

After all, she seemed to find her predicament funny! 😉

Any comments welcome!

Featured image from here and used under a CC-license.

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