Flash Fiction: He came without permission

I was so dreadfully sorry, I came without permission.

My treacherous cock spewed cum across her pristine white sheets as her dildo violated my rectum and rubbed against my prostate.

She scowled angrily as I apologised profusely; could I not control myself? What sort of submissive was I, if I would not submit to her rules, her orders and her demands?

And now she was offended, angry that I had desecrated her bed linen, furious that my body would not yield to her command and incandescent that I blubbered.

I needed to be taught a lesson. She pulled me, dragging me by my hair across her knee as she sat on her sheets, and reached for her stout rod; she promised me it would hurt, and it did. My flinching body emitted loud, guttural cries as pain dominated my senses.

She was hurting me, and wanted to. As blow followed blow, the agony tore into my synapses, and yells reverberated in the room.

But as she dominated; my cock rose, pressed against her legs as my flinches wriggled my prick into a soft, arousing motion against the gap in her fleshy thighs.

It was glorious: spanked and wanked at the same time! I panted, cried and groaned, savouring every ounce of the pleasure, crying for every pound of pain; it was my dreams and my nightmare.

I pretended to evade her spanks, but was just thrusting further, deeper and faster into the temptations of her thighs, until I could not stop the inevitable.

I came without permission; I was so dreadfully sorry.

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