Growing Pains Stories

The Growing Pains Universe is a set of stories that I shall be releasing over a period of many months and shows the “growing up” of Andy Williams, as well as those who are around him. His story is told in the first person and is split into six large books – and one smaller one. These are prefixed by “New …” and the first instalment is “New Pleasures” that will cover his first summer with Abi Kennedy.

Core Books


New Pleasures BetrayalBroken PromisesRepentance
New Pleasures First set of crossovers
New Secrets BetrayalConfessions of a vengeful teenagerGrowing Pains: Helen
New Secrets Second set of crossovers

There are also a number of short stories that deal with other people in the Universe at different times of their lives. By releasing them in a structured but non-chronological order, I can allow the story to unfold and develop as I want it to, and there are stories about over a dozen characters planned. Furthermore, there will be around three dozen flash stories – around 1,500 words each – that will be released on an ad-hoc basis that show back story or introduce new characters that will play a part later on in the main stories.

I have written hundreds of thousands of words, and need to write around two million words. I am confident I can keep to a weekly release schedule, but it will be tough and I have factored in a couple of breaks, but i have been working on this since Easter 2011 (with a few breaks) and have reliably hit an average of 2,000 words per day so I am optimistic. I will try and release for every weekend (around Thursday/Friday time); but as they say, no promises! I mention every new release on my Twitter account.

My stories will be released to ASSTR, this website and StoriesOnline as well as Literotica, FirstyFish, Amazon Kindle and Smashwords – where the content of the story does not violate their rules.

And as with all my stuff; if you have an opinion, I want to hear it. Go here to tell me!