Growing Pains: Playing with Alice

Playing with Alice

Playing with Alice

This story is an additional tale of the “Growing Pains” universe; one of around 40 short flash stories designed to introduce characters and provide back story where required. In this short story, Sixteen year old Alice discovers her boyfriend’s hidden desire. Alice and Robert go on to meet Andy when he comes to University in the town ten years later.

Codes: MMFM-SolopregErotic
Word Count: 1,500
Release Date: 8th June 2012
File Download: EPUB/iBooksMobipocket/KindlePDF

The tall figure of her mother loomed over her as Alice sat on the couch watching television. “It’s a bonny day, get out.”

The sixteen year old Alice groaned, shaking her long golden hair back and sneering at her mother. “Don’t want to.”

Her mother leaned across and flicked off the loud television in the corner and raised her hand. “I said geht-owt. Is-ne-ahh good be in ‘ouse all day.”

Alice glared at her mother, she only wanted her out because she was expecting her unemployed boyfriend to come around, and all her four brothers and sisters were at school, or truanting. Alice got up from the sofa and slung her pink tracksuit jacket over her bare shoulders and sauntered out of the house after swearing at her mother.

She recognised her mother’s boyfriend the moment she saw him, he was sauntering down their overgrown path with a cigarette in his mouth and nodded towards the girl the moment he saw her. “Hiya babe,” he drawled and Alice snorted as he put his arm out and grabbed her waist. “You lookin’ mighty fine there.”

Alice removed his arm and gave him a dirty look. “Fuck off,” she cried in an annoyed voice and pushed him away. Alice didn’t know where to go, her best friend was currently in a Youth Offenders Institution, and her boyfriend was working – he had a job – so she just wandered onto the run-down council estate they lived on and idly walked towards the park.

Her mother was right, it was a warm day and she sat down on the nearest swing and just back, watching the world go by. She called over her thirteen year old sister when she saw her walking past and took some of the vodka she had stolen as well as a cigarette.

Alice was bored, and it took a shock from Hugo, her boyfriend’s best friend to bring her out of her daydream. He came behind her and pulled her off the swing, leaving her legs dangling long enough to be able to slide his hand underneath her skirt and onto her knickers. She glared at him as she regained her balance – it was not the first time he had done such a thing. Hugo was a nice guy, the child of a prostitute and a wealthy gentleman who said he would support the child if, and only if, she named it after him. Hugo was teased about his name – it was “posh” – but he was a good looking guy and clever, the only one of Alice’s friends who was studying for A Levels.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell, ‘ugo,” Alice moaned and steadied herself, allowing Hugo’s hands to wander up her sides to touch her bosom. “That bloody hurt.”

“Sorry. Mam’s out for the night,” he admitted and Alice rolled her eyes, they both knew that Hugo’s mother would be out for the evening at the brothel, earning a fraction of what she used to make when she entertained the aristocracy when she had flamboyant looks, but Hugo was relaxed about it. “Robbie’s coming over for a few bevvies. You up for it?”

Alice nodded, she certainly couldn’t go home, her mother was probably on the couch as she thought about it, her legs up in the air as her pussy was being pounded. Hugo smiled and held out his hand, taking the bored girl’s in his and pulling her back to her feet, guiding her towards the small terraced house that overlooked the park.

Hugo lived in the roughest part of the Ryelands Estate and they walked around a burnt out car abandoned on the edge of the wasteland outside his house before reaching the terraced property.

Alice smiled as Hugo brought in a bottle of vodka and a tin of baked beans. He wasn’t sure how to turn on the gas and was used to eating baked beans cold and he offered some to Alice who took a mouthful greedily. The vodka was stolen, either from the local off-license or from Hugo’s mother, but he poured her a glass and Alice took a gulp.

“Where the fuck is Robbie?” Alice said out loud, gasping as the liquid magma scorched her throat and Hugo shrugged.

“Probably getting some wank mags,” he replied and pushed back on the threadbare sofa. “He said he might.”

“He’ll want a fuck then,” she replied matter-of-factly, alluding to the fact that her boyfriend had a very powerful sex drive and knew that the pornographic magazines would make him want satisfaction later.

Robert yelled the moment he entered the room. “Ya door was open,” he shouted into the kitchen as he wandered into the house and then saw Alice sat on the sofa. Alice looked in his hand and saw him holding two magazines and he just shrugged.

Hugo reached out and picked one of them up and Alice giggled as the magazine fell open. “Fucking fake tits,” she muttered and Hugo disagreed, causing Alice to lift her top up to show him what “real tits looked like.”

Robert gasped as he watched his girlfriend display her assets to his friend. “Babe,” he called but Alice took another swig of the vodka and just grinned at him. She glanced down at the magazine and Hugo flicked onto the next page. It was a story and the host started reading it.

Alice smiled at her boyfriend as Hugo read it, laughing at first as Hugo accentuated the more ludicrous parts of the story but she saw a lust in his eyes as Hugo narrated the tale of “Whitney” and “Tim” who were joined by “Dexter.”

Alice slid a hand up her partner’s legs and felt an erect cock. He grunted as her hand touched it and she looked back to the magazine in Hugo’s hand. “Tim” was busy watching while his girlfriend was being screwed by his work colleague and she looked at him. “Robbie’s got a fuckin’ stiffy with ya story.”

Hugo laughed. “Maybe he’d like to see ya get nailed.”

Robert bit his lip and gave a small nod. Alice laughed but then saw he was serious. “Ya wan-me ta fuck ‘ugo?”

Robert shifted uncomfortably in his seat and stared at Alice, her big hooped ear-rings swaying as she cocked her head. She was still running her hand up and down his leg and gave a small smile. “It’d be fuckin’ hot,” he muttered. Alice raised an eyebrow, she had known him for years and been going out for months but this was something a lot kinkier than she had ever done before.

She grunted and leaned over to Hugo, sliding down his tracksuit bottoms to reveal an inflating cock. Hugo looked at his friend who just stared at the sight of his girlfriend touching Hugo’s six inch manhood with her lips. “Go on,” Hugo muttered longingly and when Robert didn’t object, she impaled her mouth on the stiff member.

Robert’s eyes widened, he had clearly fantasised of seeing Alice with another man but never thought she would want to, but Alice did want to; Robert did not excite her in bed and she longed to experiment.

Hugo pushed his pelvis up to meet the bobbing girl and grunted, Alice wasn’t bad at what she did but she could certainly do with some lessons from someone and as she just impaled her lips on his manhood, he longed for her tongue to swipe around the head of his penis.

Instead she just tried to press her lips together and although it was nice, it was not going to make him squirt his juices like his neighbour did. He looked at Robert, playing with his cock through his work overalls and smiled, pushing the tracksuit trousers of Alice down and touching her through her white knickers.

Alice groaned on Hugo’s cock, she was already feeling horny and spread her legs a bit further for Hugo to get better access. He grunted and lifted the head of Alice off of his cock and looked at her as she stared at him, puzzled. “I wanna fuck ya,” he said crudely and Alice looked at Robert, still massaging his cock through his work clothes.

“Ah shit,” he cried out breathlessly and Alice pushed her legs onto the sofa to allow Hugo to discard his trousers and climb on top of her. Alice squealed, guiding the firm cock into her pussy and then Hugo began pounding. Alice closed her eyes and groaned, enjoying the thrusting member of her boyfriend’s best friend opening her up, slowly at first and then gathering pace.

Hugo panted and while Alice was no virgin, she was not a loose, experienced slut either. She groaned and mewed, cried out and grunted, squealing obscenities at him and her boyfriend as he roughly stabbed his cock quickly in and out of her.

He was nearing his point of no return, when the door went and Hugo’s brother entered the room. Alice swore when she saw him and Hugo grunted, and called Alice a “fucking slut” before unloading several shots of cum deep into Alice’s unguarded hole.

“Fuck man,” Aaron cried. Alice grinned at him, he was a lot like his brother, sharing his good looks and she glanced over to Robert.

“Ya OK with sloppy seconds,” Hugo offered and Aaron nodded, removing his jeans in no time. Aaron possessed a longer tool than Hugo and he barely needed to touch it to make it rigid, taking the place of his brother without hesitation and driving his cock deep into the unprotected pussy of the girl on the sofa.

Alice groaned the moment she felt Aaron’s cock, he began to gently rock back, and as he thrusted forward applied some lateral movement, so his cock was just going in and out it was also going around Alice’s hole with every thrust.

Alice was in dreamland. She squealed and pulled the backs of her thighs, pulling her legs up and Aaron grinned, he liked the feeling of this crazy girl on his cock and she was nice and tight. He grunted and began to feel his point coming, but Alice was a long way ahead of him.

She bit her lip and grunted, squealing and crying out, before holding her breath and yelling loudly. Her muscles quivered, the backs of her legs trembling and her toes curling. “Fuck, oh yeah, fuck, God.”

Robert came in his trousers, his hand almost a blur over his engorged rod as Alice gripped the side of the sofa. She opened her eyes to watch the boy fill her cunt with more semen.

By this time, Hugo was ready for a second go at the girl and the brothers swapped places again and Alice was too drunk from alcohol and lust to stop him mounting her and ramming his cock into her saturated hole and pushing Alice’s hands back onto the cushion.

“I’m gonna fill ya right up,” he cried and started jackhammering into the sixteen year old. She squealed, her eyes full of lust and her lips swollen and puffy. He moved his right hand to her thigh and pushed it up looking at the eyes of his friend. “Ya girl is gonna come on my cock,” he told him and Robert nodded.

“Oh baby, he’s fuckin’ great,” Alice cried out and snorted as the quick, powerful thrusts of Hugo brought her to another climax. She clamped down on his rapid movements, and the additional squeeze on his cock caused him to empty his balls into her.

Alice was sore, and as much as Aaron wanted another go, the stamina of youth, Alice shook her head looking down at the semen oozing out of her. “Hope you’re on the pill,” Hugo joked and Alice clamped a hand to her mouth.

“Shit! No. I came off, it made me spew all the time.”

“Yeah,we’ve been usin’ johnnies,” Robert added and Hugo laughed.

“My cock ain’t wantin’ no rubber,” he said cockily.

Alice sighed. “It’s not me time of month anyhow,” she promised and looked at the wet patch on Hugo’s trousers. “Did ya like that?” Robert nodded and Alice grinned. “Ya a fuckin’ filthy bastard.”

Hugo shrugged and passed Alice a paper towel to wipe herself on and she ran it though her matted pubic hair, before searching for her knickers to slide on.

That night was the first of so many, Robert loved sharing his girlfriend, and later his wife with as many men as possible, and his best friend became a regular partner.

For Alice, that night signified something else, it was the start of motherhood.

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