Growing Pains: Helen

Growing Pains: Helen

Growing Pains: Helen

This story is set in December 1998 and shows a small party Reuben hosted at his house for his friends and their girlfriends. It introduces wild girl Helen, who Andy meets while at University.
Codes: MMFFMForalanaldrugErotic
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Release Date: 21 January 2012
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Helen leant back and took a drag of the cannabis cigarette in her hand. She smiled at her companions, the public school educated boyfriend with his friends, and her friends from the local Comprehensive. Marijuana always made her chilled and she relaxed back sucking in the smoke from the illegal cigarette.

“When are your folks back?” A wiry black haired boy asked the eldest boy present in his well-spoken voice. Fabien sniffed.

“Monday,” he replied after pausing; the skunk was powerful and the girl smiled.

“That’s two nights of porn, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll,” she said slowly and waited for the appreciative titter.

Aaron looked up at her with a smile. “Foxy said we have some Coke if we wanted it. Or some E’s.”

Helen purred. “I like me pot,” she replied and turned back to her boyfriend, the black shirted Fabien. “It makes me horny.”

Fabien laughed and grinned. “So you and Amy then, you gonna do a lesbian show!” Amy cackled with laugher and Helen took a huge intake of breath through the spliff.

Helen grinned. “Yeah, we’ll do 69,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “If you two do as well.” There was some cheering and teasing as she pointed at her boyfriend and his friend. The two men spluttered, and shook their heads but Helen opened her arms up. “What? It’s OK for a girl to be bisexual but not a guy?”

“No, it’s different,” he spluttered and Helen sniffed.

“Right, well I want to see you suck a guy’s cock.”


“You heard,” she said with a smile. “Amy and I will do it if you and Aaron do it.”

“I don’t think so,” Fabien dismissed her, sweeping back his well-manicured blonde hair. “I don’t think Aaron wants to suck my cock, any more than I want to suck his, and Reuben and Paul don’t want to see that.”

“Yeah, but we do want to see you get naked,” Aaron told the girls and Helen sat back, stretching her legs on the sofa.

“Well, another one of my boyfriends did it, and it made me all hot.” Helen smiled at the expectant looks of the boys in the room. “I mean, and if I get all horny, I don’t know what will happen.” She flicked her eyebrows up and gave a grin.

“Who was it?” Fabien asked, his eyes barely leaving his girlfriend. “I mean you went out with Eddie before me, and he always gave me funny looks in the shower.”

Helen cackled. “I ain’t telling ya anything. But I do want to see ya lips on him.”

Amy bit her lip with a smile. “Yeah, I mean you guys love us to wrap our lips around yours, only fair you know what it is like.”

Fabien snorted. “No. I am not doing it.”

Helen shrugged. “Then I am not getting naked, and doing anything with Amy. And you are not getting laid tonight.”

Amy turned to her boyfriend and grinned. “You too.”

“What?” Fabien and Aaron called in unison. “I mean, we …”

“They want their end away,” Amy said with a grin, rubbing the bosom of Helen and then scratching her legs.

“But Reuben and Paul don’t want do see it.”

“They liked girl-on-girl porn.”

“That’s different,” Fabien replied immediately and Helen shrugged.

“Yeah, we’d like to see you and Amy,” Reuben told her.

“And I’ve not done that sort of stuff before,” Fabien added and Aaron agreed. “No idea what to do.”

“Well I ain’t done any lesbian stuff, but I’ll give it a go,” Amy said with a sneer.

Fabien and Aaron looked at each other and Aaron shrugged. “OK I’ll do it, if the girls promise to give us a show afterwards.”

“You fuckin’ fag,” Fabien shouted with a sneer, leaning back and shaking his head at the short boy gripping Amy’s hand. Helen turned to face him wrapping her legs over his thighs. “I ain’t–”

“I’ll let you put it anywhere,” she said interrupting him with a smile and kissed him on the cheek. “I mean I loved to watch it as part of a threesome with Ed … with my other boyfriend.”

“A threesome? You don’t think you have had too much practice,” the quiet Violet giggled as she took the spliff in the room, looking at Helen. “I mean you seem to have had tried everything.”

“Hey I’m seventeen,” Helen said with a smile. “And he hasn’t complained before,” she said jabbing a finger towards her squirming boyfriend. “He wanted a wild one.”

“Yeah, but now I am changing my mind,” Fabien said with a grin.

“But Aaron said he would,” Amy said, squeezing the hand of Aaron. “He’s game.”

“He is gay,” Fabien quipped and Aaron shook his head.

“No, I love Amy.”

Amy cooed appreciatively and kissed him on the cheek. Helen looked at Fabien with a raised eyebrow. “Well go on.”

He sighed. “Oh, I love you,” he said with a grin.

“Then suck his cock.” Fabien rolled his eyes and Helen kissed him on the neck. “I won’t, I mean you won’t, be getting any shagging from me until you do.”

Eight faces looked at Fabien who snorted into his drink. It took a further twenty minutes of pressure from everyone in the room before he relented and he crossed his arms with a scowl. “OK, but you so better give me a damn good time tonight,” he warned Helen who grinned at him.

“Of course,” she promised and climbed off her boyfriend’s legs. Both Fabien and Aaron were clearly nervous; Helen could tell, and she encouraged her boyfriend to strip. Reuben return from the kitchen to his family’s second lounge with a few drinks and his eyes fleetingly looked at Fabien’s erect appendage.

Helen had seen it many times, it was larger that most of her ex-partners, and she gently guided Fabien to the rug, propping a pillow underneath his head.

She felt a shiver, as she watched Aaron climb over him, his own thick, but reasonably short cock resting against her boyfriend’s lips, and then his own large cock touching Aaron’s lips. Fabien looked up at Helen, and she licked her lips; she had dreamt of this and watched as Fabien reached forwards, opening his mouth and took the first inch of Aaron’s dick in his mouth.

Reuben sighed and gasped. “What does it taste like?”

Amy turned with a grin. “Well Paul is next to you,” she replied. “I can’t believe they are actually doing it.”

Helen nodded, watching Aaron impale his mouth on Fabien’s shaft, his tongue sliding over the glistening head, and rubbing the underside of cock.

Helen glanced at Amy and whispered in her ear; they watched Aaron start to rock gently into a rhythm and Amy wetted her finger, leaning down and pushing it against Aaron’s hole. Aaron stopped and Amy pushed forward gently wiggling her finger at his butt hole.

“Hey,” Paul called out. “Is he liking it?”

“I think so,” Helen replied, her eyes glazed and watched as her boyfriend was practically face-fucked by the other boy on top, his bucking rhythm jabbing the rigid member in and out of his lips.

Helen sniffed the scent of human arousal in the air and looked down at the damp mess of her boyfriend; saliva and pre-cum was running down his chin and she could see the sweaty testicles of Aaron touching her boyfriend’s face with every thrust.

She giggled as she watched Aaron bob up and down and glanced over to see Reuben and Paul with embarrassingly large bulges in their trousers. She felt a firm tingle and groaned, pulling Amy towards her. The slightly chubby girl smiled when Helen did it and she pressed her lips to Helen’s.

“Oh shit,” Violet murmured from the other side of the room and Helen pulled Amy in front of her stripping her of her top and began kissing her neck as her hands undid her bra. Aaron was clenching his fists and giving nasal grunts. “I think your boy is about to come,” Helen whispered, rolling the erect nipples of Amy between her thumb and forefinger.

“Yeah,” whispered Amy breathlessly and closed her eyes, pushing her hips back against the body of Helen. Helen continued to kiss her friend’s neck and writhed her body against the overweight girl who groaned nasally.

Both of the girls were transfixed as Aaron stopped bobbing and began to roll his tongue around the head of his friend’s cock, his fists gripping onto the rug by his head and his buttocks clenched.

He cried out and suddenly they saw Fabien start to thrash and his arms begin to wave energetically. Helen gasped and then frantically stripped her top and trousers off, as she watched, her body alive with arousal. Amy sensed it and they watched as Aaron raised his rump, his cock dripping with cum onto Fabien’s lips.

Fabien though, had stop thrashing and was grunting. Helen saw his cock twitch and pump semen into the mouth of his friend and immediately felt a shiver, rubbing her hands over the pitted, hairy legs. He grunted and Helen just spun Amy around and sunk her tongue into Amy’s mouth and then dragging her back onto the sofa. Amy didn’t protest and giggled, pulling her trousers down and sliding her legs over Helen’s head and pressing down on her mouth.

Helen gasped and closed her eyes, running her tongue along the slick slit of her friend. She swirled it around the engorged pearl and felt Amy’s pubic hair tickle her chin.

She grunted, as Amy’s mouth touched her labia; she was already on edge with the filthy display her boyfriend had given her and only needed a small amount of touching from Amy to climax.

Amy, however, was not in the mood to give a small amount of touching, and gleefully wrapped her tongue over the engorged button of Helen and flicked it gently, running her tongue along her her friend’s slit.

Amy was giving nasal groans and grunts, as Helen’s tongue danced over her moist crack, sliding down from her clitoris to her hole, giving gentle laps at her entrance before going back and sucking on her sensitive button.

Helen savoured the taste of Amy, she didn’t mind the taste of another woman and felt the legs tighten over her head as Amy’s tongue probed her own folds.

Suddenly Helen could feel an intense eruption building up and, quite unlike when her boyfriend brought her to a climax, it was a deeper, more powerful feeling. She mewed as fingers, Fabien’s cold, wet fingers pressed against her bud. She squealed and pushed her hips up to give the intruder’s fingers better access and renewed her vigorous sucking on Amy’s pearl.

Amy squealed, and grunted, removing her lips from Helen as she screwed up her face, and her loins exploded with a cool, intense rush of relief. Helen felt the girl buck on top of her and just kept her sucking of her clit and Amy’s legs shook.

Helen kept up her assault on Amy’s button, grunting as the fingers massaged her ring and smeared it with a cold gel, before Amy returned her mouth to Helen’s slick cunt. She frantically lapped at Helen’s crevice and Helen grunted, before releasing into a powerful orgasm.

She became aware of the figures around her and laid back panting furiously. Amy stepped off of her and Fabien kissed her, before pulling her onto the floor.,

“Dya like sucking cock?” Helen teased and giggled when Fabien shook his head.

“Fuckin’ awful, but I get to fuck you all night so worth it.”

“I’ll do anything,” Helen muttered with passionate eyes and watched as Fabien speared his cock into her well lubricated pussy.

“Condom,” she muttered. “You gonna wear a condom?”

Fabien began pumping into her and he shook his head. “No, but I will do this.”

Fabien withdrew his cock, pushed Helen’s legs back and prodded his cock against Helen’s ass. Helen squealed as his slick cock went into her. “So you don’t get pregnant,” he promised and began to pound her rear.

Helen held onto the table legs and enjoyed the sensations of Fabien, the smells of arousal and the sounds of several pieces of flesh slapping all over the room.

Helen had never been to an orgy before, and the thought excited her, just like seeing Fabien with another guy. It was shaping up to be a good night!

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Codes: mm, ff, mf, oral, anal, drug

Copyright © John D 2012

John D has asserted his right to be identified as the author of this work in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998. This piece of work is fiction and is adult entertainment and contains material of an adult, explicit nature. If you are under the age, required to view this legally in your jurisdiction, or are easily offended by sexual explicit content or language do not continue reading. The characters in this story are fictitious, and any similarities to any persons, alive or dead, places or situations are purely coincidental. The actions described in this story are not endorsed or condoned by the author.

It should be noted that the age of consent in the UK is sixteen, and there are no graphic descriptions of any sex act containing characters younger than this age for titillation. There may be some characters under the age of sixteen in the book, but any sexual activities they may partake in, are not described in any detail, so there are no underage participants in my erotic sex scenes. It is on this basis that this work is released so that it complies with all relevant legislation. This work may not be uploaded to any website or jurisdiction which where the material contained within violates either the law of the land or the usage conditions of the site.

This work is released under the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0), the full text of which can be obtained from the Creative Commons website. The story may be freely distributed providing the text remains unmodified and contains the preface and these credits attached. The story may not reproduced for commercial purposes, or for profit, without explicit permission from the author.

The front cover for this book was taken from Wikipedia and is released under a CC-license. This work is not endorsed by the photographer.


This story is an additional tale of the “Growing Pains” universe; one of around 40 short flash stories designed to introduce characters and provide back story where required. Not all of the characters will be familiar instantly, but it will all tie in at the end!

The “Growing Pains” universe is a set of stories that centres around the life of Andy Williams and all those who got to know him as he grows up. While everything may not be totally clear, it will be the time the Universe is all released. For a fuller explanation please see my website under “Site and Story Credits.”

This story is set in December 1998 and shows a small party Reuben hosted at his house for his friends and their girlfriends. It introduces wild girl Helen, who Andy meets while at University.

I would like to thank my wife for her understanding while writing all of my stories. Alas, as I choose to remain semi-anonymous I cannot name her!

Please let me know what you think of the story; I cannot hope to improve as an author if the readers don’t tell me where I succeeded and where I failed!

John D

December 2012

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