Goodbye, Internet Freedoms

Oh what a tool; that’s so very lame!
Our bloody Government, are censoring pornography again.
This time they want, rape porn to be banned
Why do politicians meddle? They don’t understand!

Why do people think, that rape porn causes rape?
The lack of proper proof, they really can’t escape!
Where’s the evidence, that this stuff causes harm?
It upsets some people; it causes them alarm!

When some prudes believe, that some porn’s really bad
They get really riled; they get really mad.
Then they start to think, that it’s so very real
Then they try to ban it; with misguided zeal.

Rape porn isn’t rape; it’s all about consent
The script that they follow, isn’t real torment
The sex and the screams isn’t an attack.
There’s no helpless victim; it’s all just an act

And the ISPs, must apply a porn filter
Even though the attitude, is completely out of kilter
With what the country thinks, we really like our porn
Lots of people use it, when they get the horn!

If the Politicians think, that listening to the Mail
Is going to be popular, then that’s just a fail
Of epic proportions; they are well naïve
Censoring porn: electorate aggrieved!

Ever since cavemen, people created art
Our very clever ancestors; they were mighty smart
To draw cocks and breasts and cunts and tits,
Of horny cavemen, playing with their bits

But the Government think, that parents can’t parent.
Children on the net, will be quite errant
So the Government say, they’ll play the nanny,
Net filters standard, that’s quite uncanny.

They’ll filter what they want, this is 1984
Try finding any content, that the Government abhor
It will be blocked, we’ll have no liberty
Surrendered to Cameron, as savage prudery

RIP Internet Freedoms; we’ll miss you.


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  1. I like your comment about cavemen it is very true. I visited an Aboriginal art site a few years ago. On the wall of a cavern, carved out of the stone no less were hundreds of what could only be vulvas! Sadly we have no clue as the the significance of the art but it is a little bit confronting.
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