Flash Fiction: Learning English

He denied he was being too harsh.

She was there to learn: to learn the English culture, to learn the English traditions and to learn the English language.

She had to get it right, especially if she would be teaching his children, and he was going to help her. Ten spanks for every mistake in her story; they agreed. The naked au-pair cheekily smiled as he read out her tale.

She continued her assent towards her climax; the complimentary finger filling her cunt as well as the risky language, was throwing the young heroin towards her peek. She struggled with her senses, fighting with his desire to seduce her; it was her versus him, a dual of fate. She bawled at his touch, wiggling with bliss while he callously laughed.

“Complimentary? His finger praised her cunt did it?” The divorcee laughed as he grabbed the soubrette and pulled her across his lap. She wriggled under his grip. He slapped the backs of her thighs to draw compliance; the sound of her punishment filling the small room.

The fire flickered, sending burning shadows across her skin, as firm slaps rained down on her naked buttocks. “These smacks are complimentary,” he shouted as firm hands stung her wriggling body. He counted to ten, and burrowed his finger into the crack of her legs. “And this is complementing your punishment,” he added as his finger flicked her clit, causing a shocked whimper to escape from her lips.

“Risky?” He muttered. “Around me, poor English is risky. Salacious sluttery is risqué.” The words marked another ten smacks, his hand firmly pounding her reddening buttocks. Her soft, feminine skin marked with his savage smacks. Her body groaned under his brutal punishments. It writhed under his angry palm.

But as he called out “heroin”, “dual” “peek” and “assent” she found her lust rising. Her cunt tingled with arousal, her mind floated through pain and pleasure, lusting and loathing her humiliating treatment.

Her eyes streamed with confused tears as her nerves sang with a vivid spectrum of arousal, crying as his final smack landed on her ruddled rump.

He allowed her a few moments to come to her senses, before adding. “And no more elict use of the English language,” he warned her.

“Elicit?” He scowled. “Elicit. Surely you mean illicit?” she asked as she scrambled free of his grasp. The naked woman sat down on the chair opposite and patted her knee. “What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, as you say?”

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