Flash Fiction Friday: The Thief

Key Phrase: Training
Word Limit: 200
Forbidden Words: Dom, Sub, D/s, pain
Bonus Words: Who’s your daddy?
Extra Credit: What have you been trained to do?

FFF_SlaveHe scowled, adjusting his suit. His well-trained slave waited obediently, naked apart from heels and stockings. “You’re doing it wrong,” I said.

He scoffed. “She’s top of the range. £125,000 of submission and compliance. Sheer beauty.”

“So what’ve you done with her. Other than bring her home.”

“Nothing,” he cried excitedly. “For six hours. Just waited for orders. How cool is that?”
I sighed at my millionaire brother. “Tell her to take orders from me, I’ll show you.” He reluctantly barked the demand at her.

“Just ignore him until I say,” I commanded. “And suck my dick to orgasm.”

My brother objected; she ignored him as I had demanded, unzipping my trousers and plunging her lips over the head of my cock.

She focused on my erection, sucking my manhood silently and enthusiastically. Her nose touching my pubic hair as she took all of me in her wondrous mouth.

I panted, crying as my orgasm swept from within. I came in her enslaved mouth.
“You’ve made your point.”

“Hey, love. You take orders from me. You’re mine now. Let’s go!”

“No!” My brother cried. “She stays here.”

“She’s been told to ignore you.” I winked. “It’s my early Christmas present!”

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  1. Oh my, that’s a brilliant order to get an amazing present. I would love a sex slave. And if male prostitutes were an easily-accessible thing, my husband knows I’d have to try a few, just to see if they’re worth the money.
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