Flash Fiction Friday: Aimee’s Job


Forbidden Words: Money, Regret
Extra Credit:  Tell us if you’ve ever paid for sex, on-line or off
Bonus Words:  50 if you make her barely legal, barely

My friend glanced up, my unfettered cock rising at the sight that befell my eyes. “Looks like you’re ready for me?”

“Yeah,” I muttered, my heart pounding as she closed the lid of her laptop.

“Let’s give my punters what they want!” The student jumped down from her bed, and brushed past me, squeezing my erection as her hands flitted over my prick.

Aimee was entrepreneurial; she wasn’t prepared to graduate with debt, and had set up a pornographic studio in the basement of their student house. WildStudents was Aimee’s brainchild, but all five housemates produced content each week.

She asked me to be her male co-star for a scene. Begged almost, pleading me to receive a blowjob and bang her senseless. She sent me pornographic e-mails and salacious texts as she desperately tried to entice me into sexual relations.

Eventually I relented. Days after the Luca and Geoff threesome, I was taken to the bed, surrounded by microphones and cameras. It was daunting, and I felt my erection flagging. She was sexy in the nude, delicate, elegant curves that kissed my imagination. But I had instructions, I was to make her submit to my will. I was to take her and I was to treat her roughly.

But she was my friend, I didn’t want to break her. I wanted to lie her down gently on the bed and caress her, but she needed me to act the dominant. I grabbed her by the hair, tilting her head back to force a yelp from her lips, throwing her to her knees.

My semi-erect cock slipped between the lips of the porn-star, making the 18-year-old suck my engorging dick with relentless zeal. She groaned as I leveraged my cock deep into her throat, pulling her head into my crotch until I felt my orgasm building.

I was nearly there. Her eyes tortured delightfully as I pushed the slut from my cock and hauled her aggressively onto the bed, holding her ankles high as my cock buried into her slick pussy.

No love, no emotion. Just wild, frenetic fucking as I pounded her cunt. Just sex. She was suddenly just a hole, just as she requested, and with a final thrust, I removed my cock and came over her bare mound, grunting and panting.

I looked at her, scooping the cum with my fingers and holding it to her lips. “Suck ’em clean, slut!” She whimpered as her tongue rolled over my mess, her eyes wet.

Turns out, our scene was one of the more popular on the site, and Aimee’s asked if I can do the same time tomorrow. For anal.

How could I refuse. What are friends for?


Image from FFF Site; originally from Kdokers

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  1. The thing about porn – so Few Men and SOO much PUSSY! Heaven on earth! I got carried away. Sorry! Great Story!

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