Flash Fiction: Crossing a line

This is the ninth story in my “post a flash fiction a day for a month” challenge!

He couldn’t believe he was doing it.

A line was being crossed, and one from which he could never return from.

It was liberating as well as scary. He looked across at the familiar stranger: they had never met but thanks to the Internet forum they were old friends. “It’s fine,” Rick, the University graduate soothed as he picked up the two towels. “It’ll be great.”

His hands wavered as they pushed open the door to the changing area, and his heart danced as he saw sight of the toned, naked flesh.

Was this what he wanted? Would his wife ever find out? His escort had promised him not, and that he should enjoy a few hours of depravity, as well as sating a long held sexual interest they both shared.

The towel covered his waist, as they emerged into the corridor. “Let’s do this,” his voice muttered, to Rick’s delight and they entered a small room, with a large seat.

Rick watched, as he tentatively closed the door, and took a deep breath; his anxiety wavered, his resolve dipped. One look at the naked man, sat patiently on the steps, reignited his fantasies.

The lightly chiselled muscles, the cheeky expression of expectancy and the blonde locks of ruffled hair: he looked like any guy off the street, but that was his allure. He could be anyone, but Rick was “the one.”

The one, who the devoted husband would experiment with; the one whose erecting cock, blessed with ridged veins and a bulging purple head, was aching to be kissed. The one who had guided him to his first visit to a gay sauna.

His eyes fixed on Rick’s cock, as he dropped to his knees to admire it; he had never been this close to another man before, and moved his head slowly to kiss the tip of his dick.

His own arousal soared; this was him sucking another man’s cock, and he could not resist, swirling his tongue over the engorged prick and allowing the cock to slide to his gag reflex.

He had lost many evenings with this fantasy: dreaming about the soft firmness in his mouth as his tongue worked its magic on the shaft. He had spent weeks reading good oral technique, he had practised on his wife’s dildo and he had watched hundreds of videos; but they paled into insignificance, as he impaled his mouth on the stranger’s cock.

His own cock strained; his perineum flowed with arousal, twitching as he fellated the nude, sweaty, horny body; he ignored the pain in his knees on the tiled floor or the feeling of rigidity in his jaw. He delighted in the burning shame in the pit of his stomach, savouring every groan, shiver and sigh from the exhilarated man.

He knew what would happen, they had discussed it. As Rick’s loins twitched and Rick’s balls bumped against his chin, he sucked, squeezing the tip between the suction of his inexperienced mouth, to draw the cum onto his tongue, like the “cum slut” he wanted to be.

Rick gasped, holding onto the seat as waves of cum filled the mouth of the gay virgin; he licked his lips and smiled at the satisfied man.

He couldn’t believe he had finally done it.

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