Flash Fiction: My Boss

Today is no knickers day. In fact every day at work is no knickers day; my boss demands it, along with the dungarees. It goes with the job.

But I love it; sure, my position demands that I am available to please: it’s a difficult industry and everyone needs an edge, something special: a unique selling point. And the customers love how dedicated I am to the company: I will do anything to get that sale.

Like Willy earlier. A flash of pink as I leant over the bench to pick up a folder showed what was the promise; his arousal and interest apparent. Keen to get his hands on at least one of my assets, I kept myself quiet and occupied as he perused my sales literature: his balls tapping against my chin as my tongue wrapped itself around his stiffness. After all, a good saleswoman knows when her voice is not needed, and what better way to ensure I don’t say anything untoward than filling my mouth with tradesman’s cock?

And then there’s the young brickie: Ryan was sent to pick up some paint one day and got his treat, despite the size of his order. What he lacked in pounds sterling, he made up for as his trousers fell to the floor. My dungarees offered no resistance as the young man stood akimbo, his proud cock jutting into the shop, waiting for me to allow him to take advantage.

He’d heard the rumours: they were true! I barely hesitated as I sheathed his statuesque hardness, alive with busy veins that were pumping inside of my desperation, thrusting me against my worktop with animalistic throes of passion. I loved it; the fierce drive of his lust, sating my desperation as I came onto his rampant cock; yes, I liked Ryan. I liked nineteen year-old stamina.

And of course, there’s my boss; whenever horniness strikes, I have to reach for my vibrator and play with it inside my dungarees: watching my lust-filled eyes in the mirror as I spin the vibrating wand around my slit, groaning and writhing with all the self-restraint of a pack of rampaging wildebeest.

That happens a few times a day, but I like working here; after all, everyone dreams of being their own boss, don’t they?

The featured image comes from Flickr and is CreativeCommons.

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