Story: Revenge Chess

It wasn’t a friendly challenge: Paula didn’t do them. My ex-girlfriend didn’t do friendly at all, at least not to me. Not since I slept with her best friend. We were always on and off, up and down, and just that day I was up and down with someone else.

I’m not sure it was just the act of treachery she disliked; I lied too. I told her friend that Paula and I had split up, and then proceeded to fuck the diminutive Rose when she returned from her club in Paula’s bed. And we used Paula’s lube and sex toys. And her camera to film proceedings.

Yes, Paula and I were undertaking a bit of down time. This involved snarling at each other, ignoring each other, abuse, and the occasional death threat. Standard stuff, really.

Which is why I was amazed she turned up at Stinky Harrison’s birthday bash. I was only there because his sister was dazzlingly hot and on the basis of her last boyfriend, possessed epically low standards. The host stirred up a bit of trouble between Paula and I, and she retaliated by recounting some salacious details of our relationship.

And then Harrison suggested a game of Chess.

Chess. To settle our differences!

He was most certainly taking the piss, but the crowd gathered around the table as Harrison opened a cupboard and retrieved an Onyx chess board with pieces.

“He won’t play with me,” Paula broadcast to the room. “Because it involves using his brain and we all know where he keeps that.” I shook my head at her predictable insults. “Oh you will, then come on then!”

There was a distinct lack of warmth to her voice; her blue eyes shot daggers and sparked under the chandeliers of the Harrison family manor house. I was being pushed into the game.

“Sure. But if I win you go down on me.”

“What? All three inches of it.” A low blow, Paula. A very low blow. “OK. But when I win, you go down on any guy I choose.” She waited for a few moments. “You can even do it in my bed, with my lube and I’ll record it for you.”

But I felt compelled to accept her challenge. Maybe due to the alcohol, or maybe just because it was another chapter in my Paula story. “Sure. This won’t take long,” I quipped, sitting at the table where Harrison had set up all 32 pieces.

“With you, that’s always true.” She spun the dangling locks of her golden hair around her finger, eyeing the board. She took the first three pieces as I sacrificed pawns but slowly I came into the game, taking her bishops, queen and one of her knights. They were greeted with her vicious barbs – “Bashing the bishop, that’s all you do now isn’t it?” and “A queen ravished by a knight. It’s you so it was over inside five seconds.” There really was no love lost.

Until I checkmated her king; a cunning pincer movement involving a bishop, rook and a queen. She growled angrily. My cock rose at the thought of an angry girl giving me a blowjob. I loved the idea of revenge sucking, and stood up, dropping my black jeans at the same time.

“Come here, little cocksucker,” I patronised, gesturing her towards me with my outstretched finger. “You know you want it.”

The room giggling and chuckling with laughter took an intake of breath as they waited for Paula’s response. I know she probably wanted to hit me, to punch me in the gut and storm away from the party, but she was amongst friends and she had made a bet. She hesitated; the consequences of potential decisions whirring in her mind.

“Well it’s not going to suck itself.”

I knew she wouldn’t kneel down and prostrate herself before my manhood in full public view, any more than I would have done for her male friends, but I wanted to extract maximum teasing value. If nothing else, our history had shown us that we split and reconciled regularly and I had no doubt our period of animosity was temporary. I had forgiven and been forgiven for far worse.

But she wiped away a tear in her eyes, moved towards me and sank to her knees, blowing on my engorging cock. Her attitude had long since disappeared, her ruby lips parting as she bent her head towards my crotch.

The first touch sent shivers down my spine. It was the crazy ex-girlfriend sliding her warm mouth gently over the purple head of my cock. The cock that had penetrated her best friend. The cock that gave her nemesis untold pleasure. I groaned, as her lips massaged my head, sucking powerfully on my prick to elicit whimpers from my mouth.

She gave the best fellatio. She was the best cocksucker I knew. I ran my hands down her golden locks, my cries of lustful wantonness intertwined with groans of anticipation. One hand gripped my shaft, the other my testicles as her mouth bobbed against my cock.

I was almost oblivious to the crowd shouting, or to the shocked face of Harrison wondering how his 21st birthday celebrations had turned towards a lewd orgy. But I was too aroused to care about decency or embarrassment.

She swirled her tongue against my cock, sucking, bobbing and rolling until I could resist no more and my cock spasmed with pleasure to fill her mouth with my musky cum. She swallowed, peering up at me. “Such a disgusting slut,” one voice cried.

“Yeah, but she’s my disgusting slut,” I replied back, and helped my ex-girlfriend to her feet. “Thanks.” I moved my head to give her a kiss, but she resisted.

“I’ll play you,” Rose cried, storming towards my ex and me. “You’re nothing but a misogynistic bully!”

“Big words for a little girl. Sure. But when I win, I want to fuck you in the ass,” I taunted, settling into my seat. “While a friend here, gets to face fuck you.” My ex-girlfriend turned away from the table as my last conquest chortled at my demands.

“Sure, only if I get to do the same to you. Me and a friend gets your ass and your mouth. In public.”

“Go on girlie, in your dreams. I’m pretty good at this Chess malarkey. Set them up then.”

We shook on the deal.

“Just so you know … that club I went to on the night we fucked, was the University Chess Club. I won the Grand Master title that night.” She glanced over at Paula, smirking; she knew what I was setting myself into all along. “You have got a nice big strap-on haven’t you? This won’t take long.”

“Oh yes,” Paula replied with glee. “I want his arse.”

Oh fuck!

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