FFF: She wore headphones

The Flash Fiction Friday meme sets a picture to construct a story around, as well as a couple of limitations.

Word Count: 250
Bonus Words: +50 if you tell us the last three songs you listened to
Required Word: Melody
Forbidden Words: Ke$ha, Miley, Rihanna

It was an enticing proposition from my neighbour: I defy any man to decline such a fantastic offer. Could I please permit a naked University student to serve me? She was training a submissive maiden and learning to obey commands when the dominant wasn’t physically present.

I said yes.

I answered the door to my flat to a petite beauty with jet black hair and wireless headphones. Her clothes wordlessly formed a puddle on my lounge floor as she pushed past to begin her chores. She hoovered, dusted, ironed and cooked, mute to me, but guided by her command.

It was impressive: the control of this young lady was incredible, she appeared to do exactly as she was instructed.


She laughed as she knelt down beside me and parted my legs, staring into my eyes. Her firm grip grabbed my cock and her tongue ran from my balls to my tip. “Miss asks how long it’s been since a University-age girl licked this?”

“Too long,” I muttered as her tongue wrapped around the head, making sweet melodies on my arousal. I groaned, gripping the white leather sofa as her fingers pressed against my perineum.

It was heaven: a delightful treat as the young lady impaled her warm, moist mouth over my shaft. My lust swirled around me; her face beamed, her head bobbed and waves of tension tore through my body. I needed it; I desperately needed my climax as I approached my pinnacle.

“Miss said you may only finish, if you allow me to come back every day to practise. She says I haven’t sucked enough cock to be any good!”

“Yes,” I cried as her fingers danced over my anus and her talented mouth returned to my desperate cock.

I squealed and, with a grunt, filled her mouth with my cum.

Did I really have this every day?!

Image from the FFF site. The last three songs I listened to were Poison (Alice Cooper), Maria (Blondie) and Fashion Stigmata (Spray)

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  1. I am clearly not an entrepreneur at heart. I would never have come up with this, but I bet I could set myself up for retirement at a much faster pace than I am going now. Great take.

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