FFF: Waiting for God

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FFF_GodKey Words: God, help
Banned Words: Nun, Sister, Vicar, Priest
Word Limit: 369 words
Bonus Words: Get another 71 words if  there is a fourth player

It was my birthday, it was customary. A vow of abstinence taken for 364 days broken on the last. God would understand, he made me. He made me, in his image. He made my urges and desires, fantasies and lust. And I needed an outlet.

So for one day of every year, each and every one of us in our religious order would have a day of decadence, followed by a night of naughtiness. Twenty-four hours of sin to reaffirm and reinforce our promises before God. One morning, one afternoon and one evening to remind ourselves of what we have abandoned.

A sumptuous breakfast of bacon and eggs was followed by a day of reading banned literature and playing on the games console. Three desserts came before my evening’s entertainment; two beauties sent by the Mother Superior, still dressed in their habits to entertain me.

We started with the cards; strip poker was my game of choice and they had dressed seductively underneath their rough black garments. I wanted to win, and they obliged, laughing as their clothing dropped from their young bodies.

I ogled their delightful curves, reminding me of the gorgeous girls I had left behind when I had taken my vow. The spirits flowed, the clothes were shed. Their luscious bodies so tempting. They kept their crucifixes around their necks as they seductively pulled at my rough and unnecessary garments. The room was hot; their actions so erotic.

It was time.

My cock danced free of my clothing with a murmur; their eyes fixed on my masculinity bobbing obscenely in front of them. The first time in twelve months that a lady had glanced at it, the first time in a year that my cock was treated to the warmth of a mouth slowly enveloping the head.

And my reward for a year’s devotion to his Lord was for the young lady to bring me to heaven; slow, delicate licks of my prick from her tongue on my shaft drove whimpers and cries from me. I muttered proclamations of love towards her and my deity, groaning as my body was engorged by satisfaction and my cock squirted endless waves of cum into her mouth.

She held out her hand to pull me from my seat. “It’s only ten,” she muttered. “We have another two hours of sin.” She winked seductively and glanced at her friend. “We have another surprise in our chambers for you.”

“When did you last have a foursome?” Her friend muttered, flashing me her underwear as she seductively licked her lips. “Eh?”

God works in mysterious ways!

Flash Fiction Friday

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  1. Wonderful as always! I don’t think one day of sin would ever be able to hold me over for the next 364. I’d be spending all those days contemplating the 365th day…and the torment would kill me!
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