FFF: Ummm … yes!

Key Words: Colour, Bastard
Forbidden Words: Regret
Word Limit: 2,015 characters (including spaces) 
Extra Credit: Biggest regret?!
Bonus Words: +365 characters, if there is more than one piece of trouble

The flimsy white garment, abandoned on the floor, confirmed my guilt. She held them aloft, staring at the familiar outfit with a sense of realisation in her eyes.

FFF_0102“You filthy bastard,” she muttered, waking from her slumber in an instant. That was the least of the colourful language I deserved for my antics at our New Year Party the night before. I deserved much more, and she knew it.

Her eyes focused on the pattern in the stockings: they had belonged to a friend. I’d been dancing with her in our lounge, seductively sliding against each other as the fifty or so people celebrated the passing of another year. She drank, we both did. She laughed, we flirted, I seduced, feeling for her squeezable buttocks through her minidress.

She fleured playfully, sliding her hand down my trousers and pulling at my waist. We ended up in the married quarters, quietly locking the door as she licked her lips in the half-light. Her stockings discarded to the corner of the room; her skirt disappeared moments before she fell onto the bed.

My lips pressed against her slit, gently kissing at her thigh and savouring the welcoming aroma of the delightful young lady. She giggled as my mouth brushed over her clit, holding her breath as my tongue lapped at her opening. “Marie says you give the best head,” she repeated: our 11pm excursion was solely to prove my tongue’s legendary status in my wife’s office. She shuddered I lapped at her cunt, sliding my tongue into her hole to taste her feminine arousal and soak in the lust oozing from the unfaithful woman.

She groaned as my lips brushed over her clit, lapping at her button with quivering satisfaction: my temporary partner squealed and pawed at the sheets.

Her legs splayed obscenely, I drove the young lady to orgasm, sliding my fingers into her cunt, and pressing against her G-Spot until her climax filled the room and I had her juices running down my face.

“We better get back to the party,” I suggested. She reluctantly agreed, unable to find her stockings in the darkness.


My wife looked up from the stockings with a smile. “Anna, right?”

“Yeah,” I said sheepishly, omitting the additional antics with Lucy, Rebecca, Violet and Susie. It seemed all of my wife’s office were desperate to experience my tongue once the drunken Marie had spilt the beans of our illicit liaison. “But I …”

“It’s OK,” she sighed, and cocked her head. “Because while you were having fun with my colleagues, I was sucking off yours in the spare bedroom.” Her eyes twinkled. “Gary has such a big cock, and Martin’s tastes soooo good! And the least said about William the better, he came and he came and he came.”

Well, returning to work in January should be fun. For both of us!

Flash Fiction Friday

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