FFF: Trapped By A Gift

Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +100 if it’s not a bubble boy situation.
Required Word: Together
Forbidden Word: Touch
Extra Credit: Tell us a story of a lover you just couldn’t connect with.

“Poor girl. Poor, poor girl.” The Sergeant looked up from his screen at the Inspector, stripping out of his biohazard suit. “And him too. He doesn’t understand what’s happened to her.”

“We don’t really know what has happened to her.” He poured a cup of stale coffee from the percolator and sat down next to the Sergeant watching the screen, sighing ominously. “We know what the bio-lab was trying to create, no-one has any idea what they did create. They don’t know.”

“And she caught the full blast?”

“Yeah, jogging past the storage tanks on the nature trail by all accounts. They’ve found the virus on her clothes and on her skin, but the bio-lab boys have no antidote yet. Just her immune system together with her spirit can save her now.” He checked his watch. “It’s been fifteen minutes since …”

“Yeah. Any moment now.” He muttered as their naked guest pushed away from the perspex screen, watching her husband closely as she started panting, crying out and yelling.

The two observers adjusted their trousers. “She’s on, guys!” They called out to the office as dozens of men entered the room to watch.

The woman, slouched against the wall, plunging her fingers between her thighs to slide against her clit. Her crack oozed wetness, her pussy puffy and engorged, as she pressed against her sensitive arousal.

Her cries echoed as her husband banged the glass. She didn’t hear nor care, grabbing her mains-powered vibrator and firing it up to its highest setting; a “present” from the staff at the quarantine unit.

Her body jolted as she forced it against her cunt, sliding over her slick juices. She needed the powerful intensity of the toy, the desperation in her cries audible as her first wave of orgasmic relief smashed into her soul.

But she wasn’t done! Her body needed more, as she cried lewdly with every breath, screaming louder with every convulsion of her lust-addled body. She squirted, covering the wall in her juices as she rode the toy to several orgasms.

Drained she sank onto the floor; sated. For fifteen minutes.

It had started so well: a project to build a virus to infect the enemy into uncontrollable horniness. It was the ultimate non-lethal bio-weapon. Alas, for poor Ellie, there was no cure, and no respite; just endless orgasms, until the virus exhausted her ragged body to death.

Photo from Miscellaneous Elle. I am not familiar with bubble boys, but I gather from my research it is when a boy/man is cocooned to protect them because their immune system is so weak. I don’t think this story qualifies as “bubble boy” because (a) it’s a girl quarantined and (b) it to stop the spread of a virus not to protect their immune system, but if this is assumption is wrong, I have gone over the word count, so apologies!

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