FFF: Touched

20141218featKey Words: Surprise
Forbidden Words: Love
Word Limit: 100 for the first story, 200 for the second, etc
Bonus Words: +25 if anyone orgasms! :-)


It was part of our experimentation.

It was part of new life.

We started with her in a ladder tie, encasing her legs in bindings as she stood motionlessly groaning under the tight hemp. A surprise spank draws a gasp.

The chest harness displayed her breasts fantastically; the picture of that tie adorns our bedroom wall. The contrast of her skin against the rough symmetry of the rope is delightful. A wonderful image of enticing proportions as her bondage offers her safety and sanctuary.

And lastly, there’s the untying. Feeling the loosening rope sliding through my fingers and releasing my wife into freedom.


* * * * *

The rope wasn’t a surprise; the blindfold was. Her naked body suspended in a room of our guests, rubbing their fingers over her heaving breasts and pregnant belly. Her breath quickened. I watched from a distance as our visitors were drawn to the squirming woman, bound for their entertainment.

She wanted to see; she wanted to control the play, but she was helpless. Desperately helpless as fingers pressed against her glistening clit, twirling her button as she writhed with teasing pleasure.

And how they teased her. Bringing her to brink of orgasm, until her body dripped with anticipation. Her body, standing on the edge of the precipice as she gasped, inching closer to her climax. Until the fingers weren’t there. Her frustration doubled.

Their sadism never abated; I waited until the room was empty until my fingers swirled and danced elegantly over her tingling skin, blowing gentle kisses on her mons as she stood helplessly wishing that I would not tease.

For four hours she had been denied and I couldn’t do that to her. I flicked my tongue to draw her in, tasting the sapid sweetness of her horniness as she wriggled into a rasping display of spent horniness.

And now … it’s my turn.

I best untie my little wifey.

Flash Fiction Friday


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  1. Great Story! Sometimes I think Continual Denial, to the Brink of Orgasm, is Better Than the Real Thing! What an Adrenalin Rush When You Finally go ‘Over The Top’ Though!

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