FFF: The Show

Key Phrase: “Third Wheel”
Word Limit: 369
Forbidden Words: Lesbian, hooker, prostitute, money, executive
Extra Words: Explain the hand on his shoulder – 25 extra
Bonus Points: Sex for one is nice, sex for two is better, but what a threesome or moresome? Does it get better with more or do you hit diminishing returns? Tell us in reality or theory.  

Some say I have the best job in the world. I think they may be right.

It was our first night in London and we had seen 32 acts; the “Sweetest Things” were the thirty-third. “Wheel them in.”

My co-judges booming voice signalled the entrance of another audition for The XXX Factor; two gorgeously naked girls holding hands and smiling at me. Beaming at the camera. Warmly caressing each other. I knew from their eyes that their show would be a hot audition.

The insides of my boxers shorts were already soaking from a rampantly hot display moments previous and the gentle slide of her finger tips across the flawless skin of her luscious partner was sensually exciting.

They were class; no crudely splayed legs, but a sensual show of intimacy. A ferociously intense kissing while hands explored and caressed had me wriggling. The gentle poke of their clitorises from the finger tips made me writhing in my seat.

FFF_0926They played to their audience; the four judges adored their sapphic sex. Her tongue extended to gently lap the exposed nipples of her friend was incredible sensual. The swirl of her tongue against her clitoris moments later was almost too much.

“Do you want some tissues, John?” Our set manager enquired, her hand touching my shoulder as I watched, listened and sensed the impending orgasm from the young lady.

I glanced at my co-judges; Maria was touching her slit and Peter and Robert were showing incredible will-power to resist sliding their hands into their trousers. “Later,” I panted as she came with a deafening scream that filled our studio, before grabbing the hair of friend and throwing her onto the floor. It was the start of an amazing hour long display.

All six of us came that afternoon; it was underwear-drenching watching their pornography and the two girls advanced to the next round with ease.

The next round at the Judge’s Houses.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. After all, we don’t want just anyone for our X-Rated Television Show; they have to be the very, very, very best.

From next week, the new host of FFF for a while will be me at The Kinky Brits site; please bookmark FFF@TKB, follow the new Twitter account and stay tuned for some great prompts! 

As ever, however, this is a community effort so I am looking for a guests to set every fourth prompt while the meme stays in my care. So I will be asking for volunteers over the next few weeks! 😉 


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  1. How do I apply to be a Judge? My reading of Your Story was, once again, one-handed and read 4 times to get it All! I may have to Research a few more times! Thank You!

  2. I want that job. My mind is always on sex, if I could combine that with an actual career, I’d be one happy camper.
    Love it, great use of every word and looking forward to you hosting this.
    Cammies on the Floor recently posted…Like WatchingMy Profile

  3. Ah, John, I just followed the new website and really?!
    I still love the hell out of you, you are my absolute favorite male blogger! And I’m so glad I turned you on (hehe) to Flash Fiction Friday. Way to take control, that’s hot.
    Cammies on the Floor recently posted…Like WatchingMy Profile

  4. Great post, and clever use of the required phrase. I guess this is the way reality TV is heading, and I agree with the others – how do I apply to be a judge. :-)

    Happy FFF!
    Max recently posted…FFF: Last DayMy Profile

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