FFF: The School of Erotica

Word Limit = 275
Required Beginning – “I could not believe what I was reading…..”
Forbidden words –      Master, servant, Postage, parchment, poisson (French version)

“I could not believe what I was reading,” the middle-aged woman howled. She thrusted a dog-eared piece of paper into the hands of a nude young lady. “Read it,” she demanded as the mixed and naked class giggled.

The student nervously stood up and glanced at her homework, reading the highlighted text.

Emma gasped at Mike’s massive manhood and immediately grabbed hold of his manly banana. She groaned like an injured owl as her fingers swept down his swollen sausage and felt her leaking fuck-hole ooze rampant cunt juice onto his silk sheets. “Fuck me,” he said.

She groaned at the thought of his rigid piston. Her humongous (yet pert) tits itched as she ogled his mountain of man meat. The little cum-dumpster slut bounced onto his elephant-sized fuck pole. She screamed. Sex had never been so epic and her cunt fizzed like shaken Coke.

You’re so big,” she gasped. Her love bucket stretched to accommodate the man-whore’s turgid cum pipe and he squeezed her bullet points. He shivered, and spewed squirts of penis snot into her love canal. The bitch screamed, squealing as his baby batter …”

“Baby batter!” the mistress interrupted. “Baby batter? And penis snot, manly banana, shaken Coke. Have you learnt nothing Miss Davies!” The girl blushed. “At the School of Erotica, you do not write that rubbish. Now hands on my desk.”

The girl sniffed and leant forward as the Mistress cracked the cane against her backside, once for every aberration in her story. “And let that be a lesson to you,” she cried, before staring at a squirming gentleman. “Andy, your turn,” she said with a sadistic grimace and passed him a page of A4. “It gets a lot worse!”

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  1. That was wonderful! If only my creative writing classes were held in such a way! Although…if I wonder how many horribly written pieces I’d turn in on purpose just to feel the sting of the cane.

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