FFF: The (Not So) Innocent

The Rules

Word Length – 444
Required Word/Phrase – Ingénue (pronounced an-zhuh-noo)
Forbidden Words – Mirror, Pasta, Doggie, Tutu
25 bonus words – Share an experience that happened at a performance
Extra Credit – Explain where her mother is (25 extra words)

The Story

The “actress” sighed. “I put you in the erotic show,” he reminded her.

The impressionable 18-year-old looked behind the well-dressed owner of the upmarket club, and at her mother, forcing a smile. “It’ll be fine, dear,” she mumbled. “Just as I said. We owe George.”

“All the girls do,” he added. “You make good money here.”

She nodded; she earned more money than any of her friends stacking shelves or struggling to find work. “But … it’s …”

“We all do it,” her mother interrupted softly and nursed the contents of a bag she was holding. “And George has funny tastes. But if he is happy …”

“… you get to work,” he snapped and tapped the stool. “Knees on that, hands on the dresser.” The ingénue nodded meekly and still holding the make-up brush, nervously knelt on the small stool. She felt the middle-aged man push her skirted clothing onto her back. She shivered as he applied a generous amount of lubricant to her anus and unzipped his trousers, smearing his exposed cock with the slippery, cool jelly, as his little finger rubbed the lube into the naïve actress.

“Easy,” he comforted. “I’ll go slowly.” He looked behind his shoulder at young lady’s mother. “I was always gentle with you, wasn’t I?” She gave a meek smile and nodded as she unfastened the small bag to prepare its contents.

George pressed his cock against the girl’s bud, allowing it to adjust to his manhood. She gasped, looking at herself in the catoptric glass adorning the wall. George softly pushed his cock into the young lady and sighed.

He felt the steps of the elder woman approach him and lift his tails to expose a pair of chaps, and a bare bottom. “You dirty man,” she whispered into his ear. “I bet none of the guests knows about this secret!” His cock twitched at the predictable abuse and waited as she pushed a well-lubricated dildo past his anus. “Come in my daughter, you filthy cunt!”

He shuddered as the innocent girl clenched her buttocks. “He’s disgusting, Mummy,” she cried, just as the script had said. The woman rotated the dildo in his butt and slapped his buttocks, waiting for him to clench his fists and squeal into the enclosed room.

His body surged with satisfaction and relief, as the dancer felt his cock twitch, ejaculating into her bowels with a sated mew. He gulped as he slowly withdrew his cock and looked at the woman holding a glistening dildo. “Yours,” she muttered, passing it to him with the empty bag. He grabbed his “toy kit” and nodded, staring at the reflection of the dancer and the trickle of semen seeping from her bowels.

“Thanks. And here’s what I owe you,” he cried and passed her a small bundle of bank notes.

The two women watched as the man hastily departed the room. “That’s how you make money from acting,” she told her daughter as she passed her half the money. “Oh and stay there, don’t clean up. Eric loves eating cream pies!” She added with a little grin. “I’ll just go get him!”

Earning the bonus

When I was at University, each college would run an “Extrav” at the end of the final term that included dozens of bands with live music as well as too much alcohol. The tickets cost £30 upwards, and they did attract some “big” names. 

The occasion at my fiancée’s college was set up directly below her bedroom so we snuck into her room, a few feet away from the main stage. We then spent the evening with live music and having sex, including vocal intercourse trying to compete with East-17! :)


Now a small confession: even with the bonus I have gone slightly over the word count. I beg your forgiveness but like the Spank Race, if anyone has any complaints, feel free to complain to @jd_wifey (my wife) with a suitable punishment! :) 

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  1. Catoptric? A great way around the mirror prohibition. I had to look it up.

    i’m not sure if acting is the oldest profession, but it probably comes in a close second as the oldest profession certainly needs a lot of acting ability. And, of course, that is how porn stars get around prostitution laws, they aren’t getting paid for sex, they are getting paid to have sex, on camera, so it’s totally different. it also expains all the fake orgasms, they are having sex at all.

    Thanks for joining in and I hope to see you again this Friday!!
    Advizor54 recently posted…Head Day – July 24 – DripMy Profile

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