FFF: Regrets? I have had a few. But then again, too few to mention.

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Key Words – Aftermath, Regrets
Word Limit – 250
Forbidden Words – BFF, Girlfriend
Bonus Words – Earn 25 for making them co-workers, 25 more if one reports to the other.
Extra Credit – Tell us about your work-place indiscretions.

“What are your thoughts now?”

She gave a little sniff, pondering her recollections. “Well. It was pretty intense at the time. The aftermath of what happened was just, ‘wow!’ I never expected our threesome to cause such interest, and we’re three single people working away from home. It was bound to happen eventually.”

“And that night?”

FFF_Regrets The red-haired minx giggled. “Oooh. We were in Wrexham and the hotel had overbooked. We had to share a room, and after we’d finished playing, Emma and me just crashed. Matt started taking pictures ’cause he’s a fucking perv. And so we stripped him naked, tickling the little bugger all over.” Her voice cracked as she slowly shook her head, smirking.

“And he got a stiffie. A massive stiffie. Definitely a grower, if you know what I mean. And being away is stressful. I’d not had sex for two weeks, Emma had a groupie in Edinburgh, but it just happened. I took his length into my mouth. Teasing at first, but then I was sucking off my band-mate. It felt dirty and dangerous. And then Emma toyed with my tits, he fucked me as I went down on Emma and it just got into a threesome. A crazy, wild threesome.”

“Right. Wow!” I hadn’t expected the candour. “Any regrets?”

“A few,” she replied instantly. “For using the Apple cloud to store our photos. We are so not doing that again!”

“About the pictures?”

“Hell no!” The celebrity cried. “We have private lives too, y’know. Would be awesome if people recognised that. You tell your readers that!” She tapped the top of my notepad, impatiently. “Leave my nudie pics alone.”

I haven’t posted anything about the Celebgate hack although I have read so much crap about it. I do SinfulSunday because I want to; I have utter control for what I share and what I show. To take that consent away and show something I am not comfortable showing would be a total violation of me, even though I am (by nature) an exhibitionist.

The advice for “famous people” to not take naked pictures is wrong. The blaming of the victims is wrong. The telling the celebrities to say this and do this is wrong. They are humans, they have the right to a sex life and a private life and the real problem lies not with them, nor the hacker, but the public at large who have clamoured to view the intimate pictures they have no right to see. 

But ultimately I dream of a world where society cares not about the intimate pictures were taken; we are all naked underneath (and for me, right now while I type this) and we (almost) all have sex lives. So the story, “adult has sex life,” shouldn’t rank above Willington St Mary’s Fete has been cancelled in the importance of news items.

Alas society enjoys saucy and adult material, yet condemns those who produce it. And in this case, even if the material in question was intended for private, personal use. There are many things for the victims to regret, but being adults shouldn’t be one of them.

So grow up society, please. There are far more important things to worry about.

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