FFF: One horror at a time

Key Phrase – When the fog lifted/settled (choose one)
Word Limit – 204
Forbidden Words – apocolypse, Max, Burning, stench
Bonus Words – Tell us what’s under the tarp
Extra Credit – 50 words extra if you strangest outfit you have ever worn, or wanted to wear during an orgasm


They came to build a better life.

They fought for freedom; they fought for love.

They fought to have their choices recognised and respected, and to create a land where differences were celebrated not persecuted.

Alas, their naivety was their downfall. Their liberal ways reeked, their idealism obvious; they were lambs to the slaughter.

Twenty thousand men and women came to the camp that day; the free love and genteel spirit saturated the autumnal air.

FFF_BurningManWomen kissed women, men kissed men, everyone kissed everyone. Nakedness and nudity were abundant, sex was plentiful and the sounds of decadence roared through the camp. The groaning, the thrusting, the grunting, the squealing. Every man and woman dancing with perverted lust as they sampled the sinful fruits of one another.

Joy, laughter, enjoyment. Hope.

It was snubbed out callously.

The camp was surrounded. There was no escape. No mother was spared, no mercy was shown. The toxic cloud engulfed them all.

And when the fog lifted, the religious overlords revelled in the horror they had created; the genocide they had performed. Building the world they wanted, one horror at a time.

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  1. The innocence that was, not long ago, We the People! Very scary how close We are! Good Story!

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