FFF: Have Mercy!

Apologies for the cheesiest, weirdest FFF I’ve done for a long time!

This week the prompt comes from Anna
Key Words: Throbbing member, rocket
Forbidden Words: Love truncheon, gloryhole
Word Limit: 269 words
Bonus Words: An extra 69 if you can write it without giggling.
Extra Credit: What’s the cheesiest line anyone’s ever used on you, in all seriousness, in the bedroom?

“She was crazy for lust. Desperate. Begging for it. What was I to do? I’m just a horny guy with a throbbing member at a swingers’ party. Fortunately that’s what she wanted. The pleading eyes at the centre of her smudged make-up implored me to fill her up. Slip inside her pussy. Now I’d been playing with her earlier at the … um.”

“The gloryhole?” My friend interrupted.

“Hey, that’s a banned word! Anna’ll kick your butt.”


“As I was saying, playing with her at the wooden panel with a hole for phallic instruments to slide into desperate young ladies and cover them with cum.” He understood. “And she was damn good at the umm … the wooden panel … so I thought I’d agree and fuck the desperate wife begging me. She was so slippery, like an otter’s pocket.”

“Otters don’t have pockets. Or trousers.”

“Well if they did, it would be like Bethany’s cunt. Deliciously luxurious and …”

“No! Anyway, I’m giving it large and she comes like a rocket. Screaming and crying and thrashing around my cock, squirming like I’ve just given her a hundred orgasms at once. I pull out my truncheon and …”

“Your love truncheon?”

“Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you. That’s another banned word.”


“I didn’t make the rules. Anna did. And now you’ve broken the rules twice. Sorry, my friend but you see that instrument of torture over there.”

FF_1107“What the … Oh God. Have mercy.”


“But that’s …”

“50 Shades of Gray, I know. The audiobook.”

“But that’s … evil!”

“You broke the rules.”

I did giggle so no extra words for me! 

Flash Fiction Friday

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