FFF: Make Me Cum!

FFF Challenge – You have 100 words to make me cum. You get 25 extra words if you write it on Thursday and do it in one draft, typos and all.

She squealed as I reached over her, and grabbed hold of her bare bosom. My cock pressed against her slippery hole, gleefully accepting my intruding rod with an embracing slurp and warm kisses.

She lustfully groaned, squealing loudly as my hands clasped her shimmering body. I used her for leverage, pushing my tingling manhood deep into her tight entrance. Her sinful body embraced mine; I shuddered as I pushed deeper and deeper, enjoying her animal-like mews that filled her private chambers; a chorus of shame as we passionately fucked. My cliff approached. I was coming …

… in my sister.

Obviously he’s a priest and she’s an errant nun; what WERE you thinking! :-)

Image from Flash Fiction Friday site.

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